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Responsive Fundraising: The Nonprofit Growth Trend You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Change is constant. Trends, styles, technologies and cultural norms shift every day. Sometimes it happens suddenly, like the first time you were able to FaceTime your friend on the other side of the country. Remember that feeling?  More often, though, it happens slowly. In ways that are harder to notice. One night, your phone updates…

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How to Grow a Nonprofit Organization in 3 Steps

Do you want to grow your nonprofit, but aren’t sure how? Are you finding that your traditional fundraising strategies aren’t delivering like they used to? It’s not just you! The world has changed, and donor expectations, habits and trends have changed with it.  This doesn’t mean that nonprofits are doomed. It just means that you’ll…

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[PODCAST] Nonprofit Resource and Website Strategies from Stephen Boudreau from Ascendio & Raise Donors

Stephen Bourdreau is the co-founder of Ascendio and RaiseDonors, but he is also an incredible leader and creative thinker. He’s spent years helping nonprofits leverage their websites and other technology to get out of survival mode and start to grow in meaningful ways. Listen to the whole episode here: Key Takeaways Here are the top takeaways from our conversation…

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How Nonprofit Operations Teams Are Merging to Reach the Modern Donor

New expectations from modern donors changed more than fundraising strategies. In some cases, entire nonprofit operations teams and cultures evolved to meet the demands. These responsive nonprofits smartly identified that silos were hindering their growth, rather than serving it. Not all organizations have made the shift, however. Many continue to repeat the same tactics, hoping to eventually…

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How Reactive & Proactive Donor Engagement Strategies Increase Retention

Responsive fundraising puts the donor at the center of your fundraising and grows giving by personalizing each donors’ journey. Before we can dive in and talk about how you can use proactive and reactive engagement strategies, we must start with what informs how your nonprofit should engage each donor: listening. Listen First Today, the demand for your…

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Manage Your Donor Database Migration in 5 Steps

Here’s a fun thing you can do the next time you attend a fundraising conference. Force any nonprofit database admin break into a cold sweat with just three words. What three words, you ask? “Donor database migration.” Yes, a lot of people will tell you horror stories about their experiences with moving to a new…

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