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Engage Donors Using Personalized Video Campaigns

This article was provided by Casey Hill, Head of Growth at Bonjoro. While 2020 has brought challenges for many charities, some are thriving. Recently on an episode of the podcast Freedom Fundraising, Mary Valloni talked about charities she is working with where the donors are calling them! Their donor base is so engaged that the…

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Virtuous product updates for May 2020

Product Updates: Virtuous Upgrades to Get Excited About

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned this year, the space in which you spend your day is incredibly important. Whether it’s your work space or your home, the way it looks and how it supports your daily habits is essential. It’s with that in mind that we made a few important upgrades to the…

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Nonprofit fundraising improves with better nonprofit CRM.

4 Actions Responsive Nonprofits are Taking to Ensure Growth in 2020 and Beyond

Barbara O’Reilly was recently featured on our Responsive Fundraising Podcast, where she discussed the three stages that follow an unexpected world event. First, the response phase, where we each find a way to contain the negative impact of the change. Next, comes the recovery phase, in which we all work together to find a way…

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Run successful online auctions.

Online Auction Checklist: Beginning to End Coverage

This post was provided by Joshua Meyer, the Director of Marketing at OneCause.  With the entire nonprofit sector facing an unprecedented set of new challenges, your fundraising event plans for the year have undoubtedly seen some drastic revisions. Your radar is probably jammed with constantly changing priorities, but remember that reinforcing your personal relationships with…

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Responsive fundraising strategies to convert customers to donors.

How Responsive Fundraising Strategies Help Turn Customers into Long-Term Donors

We talk extensively about the modern donor. Their elevated expectations are the driving force behind nonprofits switching to responsive fundraising strategies. But nonprofits aren’t the only ones who feel that shift. According to Markstein and Certus Insights, seventy percent of consumers want to know what the brands they support are doing to assist in social…

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Improve donor relations with our ultimate guide.

The Ultimate Donor Relations Strategy to Increase Member Retention

This post was contributed by our partners, Wild Apricot.  A common mistake nonprofits make is spending all their resources and efforts on marketing and attracting new donors or members. Your initial conversation rates may be great, but what happens after a year, when it’s time for them to renew?  A lot of organizations struggle with…

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