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Results from over 600 digital fundraising experiments

It’s Almost Time! Results from Over 600 Digital Fundraising Experiments [Free Webinar]

It’s almost time for our free webinar where you can learn about some amazing insights from over 600 digital fundraising experiments!Together with NextAfter, we’ll dive into a myriad of real-life examples that will shed light on how to optimize and improve your digital donor experience.  Using 600 experiments conducted by NextAfter we’ll not only debunk traditional…

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Results from over 600 digital fundraising experiments

Free Webinar: What Works? Results from Over 600 Digital Fundraising Experiments

Is fundraising more of an art or science?  Do they have to be mutually exclusive?  Can science help inform our art? Virtuous is thrilled to partner with NextAfter, the leading nonprofit research lab and consultancy, to share learnings about what works in digital fundraising.  During this webinar we’ll turn the web into a living laboratory. …

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maximizing return with matching gifts

Don’t Miss Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts [Free Webinar]

It’s almost time, don’t miss out on our Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts webinar! Register now. Together with our friends at DonateDouble we’ll walk through practical strategies for creating a matching gift program to maximize the value and return from each donor gift.  Not only will we share tools and strategies, but share customer success…

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2016 Virtuous CRM Blog Greatest hits

2016 Virtuous Blog Greatest Hits [Round-up]

As we wind down and celebrate an amazing 2016, we wanted to gather some of the year’s best Virtuous resources for you to get a jump start on fundraising success for 2017. Looking back on 2016, the Virtuous team is proud to have served so many organizations and it is our honor to continue to…

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3 keys to maximize effectiveness for nonprofits

3 Keys to Maximize Effectiveness

I have a confession: many moons ago I was involved in a multi-level marketing “opportunity” with my wife. Yes, we took the plunge like so many starry-eyed folks do. You just have to find 5 friends, and then they’ll find 5 friends! We were really excited to get started and began to work diligently to make…

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Invest in organizational innovation for nonprofits

You’re Not Investing in Technology. You’re Investing in Organizational Innovation

One thing I’ve realized being in the software world for the past several years is that the hardest part about adopting a new piece of technology is not utilizing the new bells and whistles you get, it’s the cultural and process change that comes along with this change. Let’s face it, there are about seven…

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5 ways CRM integrations can super charge your nonprofit

Five Ways CRM Integrations Can Super-Charge your Nonprofit

Remember Rube Goldberg machines? They’re those ridiculously over-engineered and complicated contraptions that were only created to perform really simple tasks. Unfortunately, that thinking was the norm when it came to nonprofit software. I work with nonprofits every day that have donor management systems that are complicated, confusing and only succeed in getting in the way of…

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