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5 Responsive Nonprofit Values Your Organization Needs

While the term “responsive nonprofit” may be new to you and your team, the characteristics are hopefully very familiar. The goal of adopting a responsive framework for fundraising and donor connections is not to abandon everything about your current organization. It’s the opposite actually. We want to help you identify and highlight the characteristics that…

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Nonprfit trends

Responsive Fundraising: The Nonprofit Growth Trend You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Change is constant. Trends, styles, technologies and cultural norms shift every day. Sometimes it happens suddenly, like the first time you were able to FaceTime your friend on the other side of the country. Remember that feeling?  More often, though, it happens slowly. In ways that are harder to notice. One night, your phone updates…

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[PODCAST] Nonprofit Resource and Website Strategies from Stephen Boudreau from Ascendio & Raise Donors

Stephen Bourdreau is the co-founder of Ascendio and RaiseDonors, but he is also an incredible leader and creative thinker. He’s spent years helping nonprofits leverage their websites and other technology to get out of survival mode and start to grow in meaningful ways. Listen to the whole episode here: Key Takeaways Here are the top takeaways from our conversation…

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How Nonprofit Operations Teams Are Merging to Reach the Modern Donor

New expectations from modern donors changed more than fundraising strategies. In some cases, entire nonprofit operations teams and cultures evolved to meet the demands. These responsive nonprofits smartly identified that silos were hindering their growth, rather than serving it. Not all organizations have made the shift, however. Many continue to repeat the same tactics, hoping to eventually…

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Modern Nonprofits Inspire Commitment, Not Donor Loyalty

In the past, nonprofits have focused much of their efforts on growing donor loyalty. The objective was to find people who would automatically give to the organization multiple times, year over year. In a best case scenario, nonprofits could largely leave these donors alone until it was time to ask for additional giving.  Unfortunately, those…

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Modern Donor Stewardship Requires More Listening

Modern donor stewardship looks completely different than anything we’ve seen in the past. We’re not talking about smartphones and email. Those are technology trends your organization has already adapted to. We’re talking about something bigger, but much more subtle. In the last few years, we’ve seen what is possible in terms of understanding what your…

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[Podcast] Carter Crockett Talks Nonprofit Growth: Flourishing vs. Winning

Carter Crockett is an entrepreneur and a scholar who uses teachings from ancient philosophers to foster nonprofit growth. He works with startups and nonprofits to help people scale through storytelling, culture building and marketing strategies.  He’s a fractional CEO, or CMO, and kind of a marketing genius. He also has an interesting background as former…

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits Best Practices: Storytelling vs. Messaging

To connect to donors of today, your nonprofit must provide value. Before you can expect recurring, ever-growing generosity from your donor base, you must be generous with information, opportunity and connection. The easiest and most effective way to accomplish all of that is to use content marketing for your nonprofit.  A robust content marketing program…

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Nonprofit Growth Begins with Giving to Your Donors

As we head toward the final quarter of 2019, nonprofits are focusing on all things growth. Professionals from marketing, development and fundraising are doing everything they can to ask donors to give more.  Some of it works. Traditional major donor outreach, mass-blasts at the end of the year, Giving Tuesday campaigns — these are reliable sources…

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Digital Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits: What Is A/B Testing?

We know that digital marketing best practices for nonprofits can be even more complicated to implement than their for-profit counterparts. The standards evolve every year. It takes tremendous resources to understand the changes. Not to mention, you also need support from the larger organization to make any necessary changes. Plus, find space in the budget…

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