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Improve your nonprofit email marketing 7 ways.

7 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Nonprofit email marketing is an incredible tool. It’s a direct line to your most engaged donors and a reliable way to deliver your important messages. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to execute perfectly.  Nonprofits are sending more emails now than any time before, but we’re seeing a decline in individual donations. People aren’t motivated by the…

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We talk to Ryan Corry about authentic relations.

[Podcast] Ryan Corry on Authentic Donor Relations

The newest episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast features Ryan Corry, Director of Development at St. Vincent de Paul. Ryan offers personal stories and specific examples of what inspires generosity in all donors: your own generosity. He talks about building authentic donor relations and how to create a vision for the future of your…

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Nonprofit resources should be powerful enough to change your goals.

Why Powerful Tools Are Important to Your Nonprofit

The word “Powerful” is one of the more popular words in the software lexicon. It sounds impressive, and it gets people excited because they want to know that their software is going to do something great for them. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to quantify, which leaves some people unclear. How can you know what kind…

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Nonprofit growth strategies start with a new perspective.

[PODCAST] Taylor Shanklin Reveals Nonprofit Growth Strategies You Need to Know

On the newest episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast, we feature Taylor Shanklin, the V.P. of Marketing at Pursuant. Taylor offers practical advice for nonprofits who want to use the same growth hacking strategies that make startups successful. She provides tips for successful growth, how to grow a stronger team at your nonprofit and…

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Think of creative ways to thank donors and build relationships.

4 Creative Ways to Thank Donors on Their Anniversary

When we talk about growing your nonprofit, we often talk about donor relationships. The truth is, they are simply relationships. It is a connection that you build, over time, with people who not only care about the same mission you do, but are also deeply invested in your success. So invested, in fact, that they…

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Plan for the right marketing spends to increase fundraising.

Smart Marketing Spends for Nonprofits: How to Optimize Your Efforts

Marketing spends for nonprofits have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. In years past, you could rely on your major donors to get the word out about your work. Your marketing spends were relatively consistent. Now, thanks to technology and digital marketing advancements, people hear about a new mission, nonprofit and crowdfunding campaign every…

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Prove the value of your nonprofit crm investment.

7 Ways to Explain the Importance of a Nonprofit CRM

A sophisticated nonprofit CRM can be pricey. Especially if you’re looking for a tool to optimize your organization, you should be prepared to make an investment. People understand this, but when the time comes to choose, there are usually two reactions from decision-makers. The first group says, “Think about the benefits!” The second group thinks,…

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Tools for nonprofits can increase generosity immediately.

[PODCAST] Francis Tao and Investing in the Right Tools for Nonprofits

On this episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser podcast, we feature Francis Tao, founder of SAWA. We were excited to talk to Francis about his passion for improving processes to make all nonprofits more efficient. He was able to identify a major pain point for nonprofits and develop a tool that helps in a specific…

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4 tricks to optimize your nonprofit website for speed and user experience.

4 Tricks to Optimizing Your Website Speed

For many people, there’s nothing more aggravating than waiting. Whether it be waiting in line for security screenings at the airport or waiting for the waiter to bring you your meal, waiting is hard! So hard in fact, that industries today are working around these inconveniences with TSA Pre-Applications, DoorDash, and more. Such profitable luxuries…

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Improve donor relationships with these strategies from Larry Johnson

[PODCAST] Larry Johnson Talks Donor Relations Best Practices for Nonprofits

This episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser features Larry Johnson, founder of Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising. Larry offers insights about donor relations, how to transform your relationship with money and so much more. The best part comes at the end, when he tells a story of a big gift donor who changed the way…

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