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Manage Your Donor Database Migration in 5 Steps

Here’s a fun thing you can do the next time you attend a fundraising conference. Force any nonprofit database admin break into a cold sweat with just three words. What three words, you ask? “Donor database migration.” Yes, a lot of people will tell you horror stories about their experiences with moving to a new…

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Stop Trying to Retain Your Donors and Engage Them Instead

Imagine you are at a party. For the sake of this exercise, let’s say that it’s a party you were REALLY excited to attend. You got a save the date and a fancy invitation and heard all about how great this party would be. You arrived at the party anticipating a great time, a life-changing…

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It’s Time We Had the Talk About Data Hygiene

Have you heard? Data science is sexy. No, really! Harvard Business Review called Data Science “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Now, when thinking about data scientists, most people are probably envisioning this: Or maybe this: Heck, maybe you’re into the classics: But the truth is, while data science may be sexy, it —…

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Data analysis for nonprofits - Virtuous CRM

Data Analysis or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Asking Questions

I get it. You are a people person. It’s why you are so good at cultivating and maintaining relationships with your donors. Then, one day, you took a promotion with a new organization to head up their fundraising team. And in your first meeting with your new Executive Director, you’re asked to take a look…

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data driven decisions for nonprofits

So You Want to be Data-Driven

Every industry has its own share of hot buzzwords, and the nonprofit sector is no different. Lately, everywhere you look you see articles and blog posts and tweets and smoke signals about being “data-driven.” EVERYONE wants to be data-driven. Just put data in the driver’s seat and next stop, success! It’s true that using data…

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