Virtuous CRM Is a Rising Star Title Holder for Donor Management Software

Mckenna Bailey

Whenever nonprofits and charitable organizations are swamped with countless donors, it can be easy to treat these givers like a transaction rather than a relationship. This is why we created Virtuous CRM, as it focuses on helping you create more personal and lasting relationships with each donor. Our approach to donor software gained the interest of independent business software review platform FinancesOnline, as they distinguished our Virtuous CRM features to be worthy of their Rising Star for 2018 award and Great User Experience title.

We’re thankful for the review and we’d thought we’d share a couple of their findings. In their review, FinancesOnline praised several aspects of our CRM and Marketing software. Landing a spot in their best donor management software, the FinancesOnline list statement reveals that Virtuous is ideal for building “better relationships” thanks to our “user-friendly contact management features and data-rich contact views,” as it allows you to better understand each donor. These are just some of the reasons why we landed a spot in their best donor management software. They also commended our integrated map view for easy identification of potential donors and partners, “rich” email marketing automation capabilities, and easy implementation of data-driven marketing strategies with our donor engagement tools. In addition, FinancesOnline was impressed with our predictive analytics, as it allows you to “convey the right message” at the right moment.

In recognition of Virtuous CRM’s capability in helping organizations easily organize their workflow and create more personal relationships with each donor, we received their Rising Star award for 2018. This distinction is given to new SaaS solutions on the market that have garnered highly positive feedback from clients. Additionally, FinancesOnline also distinguished us with the Great User Experience award for our platform’s ease of use in facilitating all customer relations and marketing tasks.

Thanks again to FinancesOnline and don’t forget to sign up for demo of Virtuous to see how your nonprofit can begin to better understand donors, increase donations and reduce hassle.

Raisers Edge and Virtuous demo

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