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Use marketing automation software to grow donors' lifetime value.

7 Signs Your Nonprofit is Ready for Automation Software

When nonprofits talk about growth, they’re usually tracking donors and their behavior. They want to see more donors giving more money, more frequently. But growth can also refer to resources — more time for your team to come up with new ideas or fundraising tactics. For that kind of growth, you need the right tools….

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Increase revenue with automation and Double the Donation.

Automation: The Key to Boosting Matching Gift Revenue

In the nonprofit world, every dollar counts. What if you could turn every dollar into two? With matching gifts, you can. Matching gifts are donations given by a company to the same nonprofit their employee donated to. Thousands of companies around the world happily match their employee’s donations. It shows support and helps make the world…

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Use these 8 tools for nonprofits to increase fundraising and retention.

8 Essential Tools for Nonprofits in 2019

Right now, we are living through a golden era of tools for nonprofits. No matter what responsibilities you’re in charge of, there is a tool that will help you be more efficient. But with so many options, it’s difficult to know which ones you need and which ones won’t add much value. That’s why we’re…

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