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5 Essential Responsive Nonprofit Characteristics

5 Essential Responsive Nonprofit Characteristics Although nonprofits are all working towards unique goals, there are some common traits that exists among most of them. A belief in the possibilities of the future, for example, is something you’ll find in organizations and the individuals that make up the organization. While most nonprofit characteristics are general, there…

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How Reactive & Proactive Donor Engagement Strategies Increase Retention

Responsive fundraising puts the donor at the center of your fundraising and grows giving by personalizing each donors’ journey. Before we can dive in and talk about how you can use proactive and reactive engagement strategies, we must start with what informs how your nonprofit should engage each donor: listening. Listen First Today, the demand for your…

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Modern Donor Stewardship Requires More Listening

Modern donor stewardship looks completely different than anything we’ve seen in the past. We’re not talking about smartphones and email. Those are technology trends your organization has already adapted to. We’re talking about something bigger, but much more subtle. In the last few years, we’ve seen what is possible in terms of understanding what your…

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5 Elements Your Nonprofit Email Welcome Series Needs

When a new person joins your nonprofit’s email list, it’s a cause for celebration. Your marketing efforts are working! People are interested in your organization! But before you put on your party hat, take a minute to think: What exactly happens when someone joins your nonprofit’s email list? Do they get folded into your existing communication…

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What is Compassion Fatigue and How Can Storytelling Prevent It?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever turned off the news because it was just too much to handle.  Yeah, me, too.  That’s a sign of compassion fatigue.  Caring deeply about people can start to affect all of us over time. Our hearts and brains can only process so much information about the causes we care…

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Build An Effective Donor Communications Strategy (Even if You Hate Making Phone Calls)

Confession: I love calling donors on the phone. Let’s be clear: I’m not signing up to work in telefundraising. What I like are the calls that are about building donor relationships: the thank you calls, the “can I get your advice?” calls, and the “I’d like to invite you to an event” calls. It has…

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Donor data that drives giving.

How to Use Donor Data to Improve Generosity and Engagement

The more technology advances the way we understand behavior, preferences and interests, the scarier it gets to dive into the data. To some, it can be daunting to make sense of data. Not to mention, the idea of collecting and using your donors’ data might feel uncomfortable, especially if your experience with donor data analysis…

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[Podcast] Jenni Chacko of Empart Talks Donor Segmentation and Growing Generosity

This week, we’re highlighting our insightful episode with Jenni Chacko, co-founder of Empart. Jenni tells the funny origin story of Empart and how prioritizing culture has helped them grow despite changing donor priorities. We also hear Jenni’s fundraising strategies, including donor segmentation. Listen to the entire episode below.  To learn more about Jenni, or Empart,…

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Use donor data to drive generosity.

All About Donor Data: How to Turn What You Know Into Giving

Right at this very moment, you hold the keys to increasing your donor retention and average gift values. Everything you need to know lives inside your donor management system. How do we know? Because that’s where all your donor data lives. And, it turns out, your donor data is the most valuable piece of any…

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Use storytelling in donor relations best practices

The Importance of Storytelling in Nonprofit Marketing and Donor Relations

Have you ever heard this old nonprofit chestnut? “It’s not about you, it’s about the mission!” Nonprofit staff, especially fundraising folks, aren’t usually encouraged to draw attention to themselves. Common wisdom tells us to focus on the organization’s impact and tell the inspiring stories of the people and causes we serve. This is good advice,…

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