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Use these fundraising email templates to drive generosity.

5 Fundraising Email Templates for Your Next Generosity Requests

People ignore the ordinary. We’re wired to notice the anomalies and quickly process the familiar. It’s why you know something is “off” about your desk before you identify which object is out of place or missing. It’s also why your fundraising emails start to lose their impact after a while.  When your donors hear the…

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Improve your nonprofit email marketing 7 ways.

7 Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Nonprofit email marketing is an incredible tool. It’s a direct line to your most engaged donors and a reliable way to deliver your important messages. Unfortunately, it’s also difficult to execute perfectly.  Nonprofits are sending more emails now than any time before, but we’re seeing a decline in individual donations. People aren’t motivated by the…

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3 Ways to Use Email to Increase Donations and Urgency

Email is critical element for any nonprofit hoping to scale the mid- and lower-tier donor programs. In fact, recent studies on nonprofit marketing will tell you that email has become the number one driver of donations for most nonprofits. A great email program can be the difference between thriving and dying – and we’re seeing that…

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How to fix ineffective nonprofit emails

Nonprofit Emails are Often Ineffective – But You Can Fix This

In the world of nonprofits where time and resources are slim, email marketing can sound like an answer to a prayer. All you need to do in order to reach volunteers, nurture donors and increase giving is to spend a few minutes crafting the perfect email!   Well, not exactly.   At this point, email…

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Email for the Win! Six Tips for Getting Email Communication Right With Your Donors

What’s not to love about email communication! It reaches your intended recipient within seconds; you are able to personalize it and include images; you can make it as long or as short as you want and direct people to the next step you want them to take; and it costs almost nothing to send. The…

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5 tips for an email welcome series for nonprofits

Five tips for developing a successful email welcome series

The most common missing element in a fundraising program is an email welcome series. Only 8% of nonprofits have one in place according to the Online Fundraising Scorecard. One of the reasons why is because it can be so hard to put all of the elements together. So here are a couple of lessons I’ve…

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