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Donor retention improves when you close the loop.

Increase Donor Retention by Closing the Loop with Givers

Reaching your fundraising goals every year requires a delicate balance of effort from everyone on your team. Every day, you must decide how much effort should be put towards donor retention and how much attention should be paid to finding new donors. Each initiative comes with its unique set of problems and opportunities, but nonprofits…

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[Podcast] Justin Narducci: Simplifying Your Workflow to Focus On Accomplishments

The best part of hosting this podcast is that it’s one more way we can empower nonprofits to do more good. This episode is a prime example of the powerful ways we can all grow when we share knowledge about everything from nonprofit strategies to self-care techniques. Our guest, Justin Narducci, is the CEO of…

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Increase revenue with automation and Double the Donation.

Automation: The Key to Boosting Matching Gift Revenue

In the nonprofit world, every dollar counts. What if you could turn every dollar into two? With matching gifts, you can. Matching gifts are donations given by a company to the same nonprofit their employee donated to. Thousands of companies around the world happily match their employee’s donations. It shows support and helps make the world…

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Prioritizing relationships will show you how to increase donations.

One Simple Trick to Increase Donations and Improve Donor Retention

Nonprofits face a unique challenge: understanding exactly who their target audience is. In an industry like retail, for example, a main driver for a product purchase is a need. That for-profit company isn’t consumed by how to link their customer’s money to a cause. Things are much more complicated at a nonprofit. You have to…

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How do you communicate impact - Virtuous CRM

How Can Nonprofits Communicate Impact?

Most donors choose to give to nonprofits because they believe in the cause. So it follows suit that they would want to know that their gift is actually contributing toward the impact they believed in at the beginning. Research from The Bridgespan Group reinforces this idea. They found that the greatest need donors have from…

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Nonprofit brand advocacy: Turning Fans into Fundraisers

You often hear nonprofits talk about how to find better ways to grow their donor base. Unfortunately, nonprofits often miss one of the biggest opportunities to leverage, and it isn’t even within their organization: the fans. This begins by understanding that your nonprofit is a brand, and your fans are your advocates. Nonprofit brand advocacy…

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image of bonsai tree showing growth

Professional Development for Nonprofit Leaders: Increasing Impact the Peter Drucker Way

Peter Drucker was, by most accounts, the greatest business thinker of the 20th century. His insights on leadership, time management, and building healthy organizations have influenced a generation of executives worldwide. I’ve spent some time this year re-reading Drucker, and I’ve come to realize something. His philosophy is particularly useful as part of the professional…

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What Market Volatility Means to Your Donors

Any time the stock market gets rattled, the phrase “Market Volatility” gets bandied around in radio shows, news articles, podcasts, and (yes, this is one of them) blog posts. The phrase sounds intimidating enough on its own, not to mention when it’s paired with other market fears. While the term refers primarily to fluctuating price…

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5 Effective Places You Should be Mentioning Matching Gifts

Virtuous has recently partnered with Double the Donation to make matching gift tools a seamless feature of Virtuous Giving. These matching gift search tools allow a donor to provide the name of their employer and then be presented with their company’s unique matching gift guidelines. The most incredible thing about matching gifts is how much…

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Making the Perfect Online Ask to Your Donors: 6 Best Strategies

Asking for donations used to be fairly simple. Everyone asked the same ways: with either a letter or in-person. However, the internet has changed everything. Now, online donors make up a new target audiences for donation requests. While technology has added new elements to the asking process, online fundraising strategies have shown to be incredibly…

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