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Nonprofit Marketing Isn’t A Bad Thing

Does the word “marketing” make you nervous? When you think about marketing your nonprofit organization, do you feel unqualified or unsure of what you’re supposed to be doing?  Does the whole thing feel a little…icky? If so, you may be thinking about nonprofit marketing all it wrong. Marketing your nonprofit isn’t about “selling” your organization,…

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How to Tell Nonprofit Impact Stories (and Where)

How do you inspire generosity, demonstrate the difference your donors make, and showcase your nonprofit’s work?  Tell a story.  Storytelling engages the mind and the heart. Research shows that storytelling can impact our brain chemistry, help us learn, and encourage us to care about strangers. Since motivating people to care about strangers is one of…

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits Best Practices: Storytelling vs. Messaging

To connect to donors of today, your nonprofit must provide value. Before you can expect recurring, ever-growing generosity from your donor base, you must be generous with information, opportunity and connection. The easiest and most effective way to accomplish all of that is to use content marketing for your nonprofit.  A robust content marketing program…

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Reach your fundraising goals with content marketing for nonprofits.

To Hit Year-End Goals, Go Beyond Content Marketing for Nonprofits

You’ve got to be a great improviser to work in the nonprofit sector. When your job is to find creative solutions for huge problems, that kind of thinking “on the fly” is a must.  But I don’t think we should improvise when it comes to our year-end fundraising content. You know what I mean –…

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Plan for the right marketing spends to increase fundraising.

Smart Marketing Spends for Nonprofits: How to Optimize Your Efforts

Marketing spends for nonprofits have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. In years past, you could rely on your major donors to get the word out about your work. Your marketing spends were relatively consistent. Now, thanks to technology and digital marketing advancements, people hear about a new mission, nonprofit and crowdfunding campaign every…

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Tools for nonprofits can increase generosity immediately.

[PODCAST] Francis Tao and Investing in the Right Tools for Nonprofits

On this episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser podcast, we feature Francis Tao, founder of SAWA. We were excited to talk to Francis about his passion for improving processes to make all nonprofits more efficient. He was able to identify a major pain point for nonprofits and develop a tool that helps in a specific…

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Scaling donor relationships works at any nonprofit.

Nonprofit Strategies for Scaling Donor Relationships At Any Size

One constant you’ll find across every organization, no matter what kind, is the problem of scale. The habits and the processes that helped you in the beginning are suddenly making challenges worse. New challenges you couldn’t anticipate start popping up, demanding action. It’s a cycle that can be as exciting as it is frustrating. One…

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man at desk viewing great nonprofit website

[Podcast] Adam Walker: What Makes a Great Nonprofit Website?

Most nonprofit organizations understand that a website is a key communication tool that helps them state their mission, share their successes, and keep their donors up to date. A nonprofit website is also a central tool for growing the donor base. That’s why it’s not enough to just check the box: “Yeah, we have a website.”…

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content marketing funnel for nonprofits

Content Marketing Tips for Nonprofits: Bottom of the Funnel

Did you know, according to eMarketer, that 60% of marketers produce at least one piece of content per day? For the average nonprofit marketer we’re lucky if we have a chance to produce one piece of content a month let alone per day! Content marketing today has become a huge priority, but for many it’s…

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How to accumulate donor love


Twitter has been abuzz with #DonorLove with nonprofits recently. #DonorLove is a movement of nonprofits recognizing their donors and thanking them for their support on social media channels. In short: it’s the latest fad in the age-old practice of making supporters feel connected to a causes they give and dedicate their time to. I’ve never…

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