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Responsive Fundraising Tips

5 Responsive Nonprofit Values Your Organization Needs

While the term “responsive nonprofit” may be new to you and your team, the characteristics are hopefully very familiar. The goal of adopting a responsive framework for fundraising and donor connections is not to abandon everything about your current organization. It’s the opposite actually. We want to help you identify and highlight the characteristics that…

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[Podcast] Jenni Chacko of Empart Talks Donor Segmentation and Growing Generosity

This week, we’re highlighting our insightful episode with Jenni Chacko, co-founder of Empart. Jenni tells the funny origin story of Empart and how prioritizing culture has helped them grow despite changing donor priorities. We also hear Jenni’s fundraising strategies, including donor segmentation. Listen to the entire episode below.  To learn more about Jenni, or Empart,…

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Reach your fundraising goals with content marketing for nonprofits.

To Hit Year-End Goals, Go Beyond Content Marketing for Nonprofits

You’ve got to be a great improviser to work in the nonprofit sector. When your job is to find creative solutions for huge problems, that kind of thinking “on the fly” is a must.  But I don’t think we should improvise when it comes to our year-end fundraising content. You know what I mean –…

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Fundraising strategies are important after a "no" as well.

3 Ways To Learn From “No”: Optimizing Fundraising Strategies that Don’t Work

You did it. You made a big, brave ask to a major donor and…they passed. They weren’t interested.  Ouch. Sorry.  But take heart! There is life after “no,” and all is not lost. In fact, you can use “no” to improve and optimize your fundraising strategies.   What Can You Learn From “No”? It may feel…

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Plan for the right marketing spends to increase fundraising.

Smart Marketing Spends for Nonprofits: How to Optimize Your Efforts

Marketing spends for nonprofits have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. In years past, you could rely on your major donors to get the word out about your work. Your marketing spends were relatively consistent. Now, thanks to technology and digital marketing advancements, people hear about a new mission, nonprofit and crowdfunding campaign every…

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Improve donor relationships with these strategies from Larry Johnson

[PODCAST] Larry Johnson Talks Donor Relations Best Practices for Nonprofits

This episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser features Larry Johnson, founder of Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising. Larry offers insights about donor relations, how to transform your relationship with money and so much more. The best part comes at the end, when he tells a story of a big gift donor who changed the way…

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[Podcast] Justin Narducci: Simplifying Your Workflow to Focus On Accomplishments

The best part of hosting this podcast is that it’s one more way we can empower nonprofits to do more good. This episode is a prime example of the powerful ways we can all grow when we share knowledge about everything from nonprofit strategies to self-care techniques. Our guest, Justin Narducci, is the CEO of…

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Use these 8 tools for nonprofits to increase fundraising and retention.

8 Essential Tools for Nonprofits in 2019

Right now, we are living through a golden era of tools for nonprofits. No matter what responsibilities you’re in charge of, there is a tool that will help you be more efficient. But with so many options, it’s difficult to know which ones you need and which ones won’t add much value. That’s why we’re…

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Mobilize your donors by having a clear plan before disaster strikes.

[Podcast] John Lyon: Mobilizing Donors for Global Emergency Response Efforts

We may never know when disaster will strike. However, with the right team and proper planning, your nonprofit can make a huge impact in disaster relief. We learn how to put those plans and processes in place to mobilize donors immediately on this week’s episode of The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser podcast. Our guest is John…

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How do you communicate impact - Virtuous CRM

How Can Nonprofits Communicate Impact?

Most donors choose to give to nonprofits because they believe in the cause. So it follows suit that they would want to know that their gift is actually contributing toward the impact they believed in at the beginning. Research from The Bridgespan Group reinforces this idea. They found that the greatest need donors have from…

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