Is your authentic voice being heard?

The 2016 election is everywhere right now. You cannot turn on the TV without hearing political pundits voicing their opinions on why one candidate is doing better than others. And one of the things I keep hearing is “authenticity.”

It seems that Americans are starving for it right now. I believe it is exactly why some politicians, who one would assume would be doing great are floundering while others are rising in their poll numbers. The big winners, because of the current climate, are those who are connecting in a genuine way.

The funny thing about being authentic is that the very act of trying to be, negates it completely. You can’t decide you are going to change the way you communicate if you don’t actually change. It just comes across as lipstick on a pig. You either have to embrace true change or continue to not connect. I believe the same is true for organizations.

Are you having trouble connecting with your givers?

Maybe you have a similar problem as some of the current candidates. All of the them think they have the right blend of vision and leadership, and for the most part, all of their resumes are great. But you don’t win if no one is listening to you. You must be able to appeal to the audience or your voice falls on deaf ears.

You have a great mission and plan, but the way you are communicating might not be resonating. How do you change that?

  • Evaluate which types and styles of communications are working and which ones are not. Do you have the tools in place to measure this?
  • Don’t be tied to a style of communication just because it is the way it has always been done. Just like the current candidates, the ones that are resonating are the ones who are communicating differently, but uniquely their own way.
  • Embrace the voice you choose; otherwise, it will still end up sounding fake or forced. Think about past presidents. Bill Clinton had a very different style than Ronald Reagan, but they both seemed completely genuine.
  • Speak from the heart. There are a variety of candidates with widely varying communication styles right now, but the ones who are getting through are the ones that are being true to themselves.  Not everyone will be drawn to your mission but the ones that will be committed to your cause.
  • Measure, measure, measure. In our fast-paced, ever-changing, technology-driven world, what is working today may not work tomorrow. By constantly measuring results and adapting, you can ensure that your message and communication style will always be on point.

As we ready for tonight’s debates, and the next 14 months of non-stop politics, it will be interesting to see what plays out. Who will end up connecting best with America? It will most certainly be the one who expressed his/her message in an authentic way that resonates with the most people. Make sure you are connecting with your givers in a way that connects as well.

And if you are interested in some ways to help you measure and evaluate your communications, campaigns, and events, schedule a demo of Virtuous. We’d love to show you how to better measure results and break through the communication-clutter.

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