Fundraising and fantasy football

Fundraising and Fantasy Football

Mckenna Bailey

How tips from Fantasy Football can translate to your fundraising strategy

Many of my friends and relatives are currently spending an enormous amount of time at work not working. They are deep in the middle or nearing the end of the Fantasy Football drafts. I was talking with one colleague yesterday and he was expounding his tips for drafting the very best team, and it occurred to me that some of those tips could be translated easily into a cohesive fundraising strategy.

Here are some examples of mistakes that are commonly made in both:

  • Counting on one or two major player to carry your team
  • Unforeseeable events that take your top players out of commission
  • Drafting hype over consistency

So how can we use some tips from the current common draft mistakes to better connect with our donors?

1. Counting on a few major donors ensures an unhealthy giving pyramid

While it is critical to engage and build relationships with your major donors, sometimes we get so comfortable just reaching out to people we already know. This is incredibly risky for many reasons, but one of the most important is that you are not consistently backfilling your giving pyramid for when new donors are ready to step up to the next level.

2. Assuming your major donors will always be there for you

It would be wonderful if a major donor would always be there to provide you that same gift every year, but the truth is that you cannot count on that. Life events, financial challenges, or changing interests all put your major donors at risk year over year. Building relationships across your entire donor database ensures that you will have a rich pool of individuals who are familiar with you, engaged in your cause, and ready to step up as needed.

3. Find new ways to engage your consistent donors

Everyone has donors that are very consistent in their giving. They are not your superstars, but can be counted on for every appeal, event, or when you need a volunteer. Are you using these relationships to their maximum? Making them a superstar player for reasons other than because they can give you a major gift? What if you could connect with their Facebook friends, or have them tweet about you to their hundreds of followers? Don’t get caught up in only engaging certain individuals. Every one of your givers is key to your success.

Fantasy football can be great fun, but it can also be challenging and time consuming. Your fundraising can be as well. By keeping your eye on the ball, engaging your entire team of givers, and being flexible with your starting line, you can ensure a winning season.

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