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How to use tags to track givers in Virtuous CRM [How-to]

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“How can I create segments in my database?”

“How can I find all of our newsletter subscribers?”

“How do I track donors who only want an annual statement?”

These questions, and dozens more like them, come up all the time when organizations are moving to a new CRM. And any worthwhile nonprofit CRM has a way to track data like this. Some call it attributes, or flags, some require the creation of custom fields, but at the end of the day, they achieve the same thing: they help identify specific groups of donors or prospects.

In Virtuous, we think about this information in terms of tags. Tags are powerful, easy to setup, and can be used for a variety of different purposes. Everything from giver communication preferences to personal passions to giving “clubs” or membership status fit nicely into the Virtuous tag structure. The consistency of data across records makes it really easy to build reports, segment data for marketing communications, and categorize givers into like groups easily.

Watch this quick video overview of how to add and manage tags on a contact in Virtuous.


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