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5 ways your nonprofit CRM is costing you money

Five Ways Your Nonprofit CRM Is Costing You Too Much Money

Nothing in life is free. Well, nothing worth having, anyway. When it comes to nonprofits, every penny counts. From office space to equipment, nonprofits need to get highest quality at the most reasonable price so they can devote the highest possible percentage of their donors’ generous support to accomplishing their mission. Choosing a nonprofit CRM…

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Skookum Kids uses Virtuous CRM to help care for children in foster care

Skookum Kids Uses Virtuous to Help Care for Children in the Foster-Care System [Nonprofit Profile]

Skookum Kids joined Virtuous in early 2016 as their Nonprofit CRM partner. They are a growing nonprofit focused on providing services and care for children in the foster-care program in Bellingham, WA. To date, they’ve helped nearly 150 children at their volunteer-staffed group home. Ray Deck III is the Founder & Executive Director of Skookum…

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Some exciting news

Last fall, we discussed how Virtuous is re-imagining generosity.  The old story of philanthropy centered around a time when donors were approached as distant benefactors who looked to nonprofits to get the dirty work done on their dime. Donors presumably gave out of duty, not passion. The rise of transactional-focused donor management systems only extended…

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5 ways CRM integrations can super charge your nonprofit

Five Ways CRM Integrations Can Super-Charge your Nonprofit

Remember Rube Goldberg machines? They’re those ridiculously over-engineered and complicated contraptions that were only created to perform really simple tasks. Unfortunately, that thinking was the norm when it came to nonprofit software. I work with nonprofits every day that have donor management systems that are complicated, confusing and only succeed in getting in the way of…

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St Joseph the Worker uses Virtuous CRM to meet needs of underserved

St. Joseph the Worker uses Virtuous CRM to meet the needs of the underserved [Nonprofit profile]

Over the past 30 years, St. Joseph the Worker has helped thousands of economically deprived men and women in Phoenix, AZ become self-sufficient with the reassurance, tools, and support needed to secure quality employment. In 2015, St. Joseph the Worker chose Virtuous as their nonprofit CRM solution to help accelerate fundraising efforts and do more…

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How to build better relationships with your givers

Do you want better relationships with your givers?

“It’s sad how quickly people can forget about you until they want something from you.” Does this quote make you cringe when you consider what your donors might think about their relationship with your organization? Well, if the only time they hear from you is to discuss that next gift, I’m quite certain, on some level, this…

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Getting started with a/b testing

Getting Started with A/B Testing

You have seen the lifts that other nonprofits are getting from A/B testing, and now you are ready to do it yourself. But you might not be sure exactly where or how to start. So in this A/B testing guide for nonprofits, you will find some tips to begin optimizing your online fundraising so you…

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How to prevent donor fatigue

Preventing Donor Fatigue

It’s the thought that occurs while you lay awake thinking about your latest campaign, “With all of this communications being sent are we wearing out our donors?” The fear of donor fatigue is real, but I believe is misplaced. I think what organizations or fundraisers think is donor fatigue is really irrelevant communication or bad…

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Wealth data can improve lifetime value of donors

How wealth data appends can dramatically improve lifetime value

I’ve worked with dozens of nonprofits of all shapes and sizes in various capacities over my career. Everyone from small local nonprofits providing services addressing homelessness to private universities to global nonprofits that operate on every continent (ok…so not Antarctica); smaller organizations with $500k annual budgets to massive organizations flirting with $1 billion in annual…

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using tags to track visitors - Virtuous CRM

How to use tags to track givers in Virtuous CRM [How-to]

“How can I create segments in my database?” “How can I find all of our newsletter subscribers?” “How do I track donors who only want an annual statement?” These questions, and dozens more like them, come up all the time when organizations are moving to a new CRM. And any worthwhile nonprofit CRM has a…

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