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Louisville Rescue Mission uses Virtuous CRM to build better relationships

Louisville Rescue Mission uses Virtuous CRM to build better relationships with their givers [Nonprofit Profile]

Founded in 1881, Louisville Rescue Mission is one of the oldest and largest rescue missions in the United States. They are devoted to breaking the cycle of addiction and poverty through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Louisville Rescue Mission migrated from eTapestry to Virtuous Nonprofit CRM in late 2015 to help them build stronger relationships…

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Data analysis for nonprofits - Virtuous CRM

Data Analysis or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Asking Questions

I get it. You are a people person. It’s why you are so good at cultivating and maintaining relationships with your donors. Then, one day, you took a promotion with a new organization to head up their fundraising team. And in your first meeting with your new Executive Director, you’re asked to take a look…

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importance of optimizing the entire email marketing funnel

[Infographic] The Importance of Optimizing the Entire Email Marketing Funnel

We’ve written a fair amount on testing marketing communications and the impact it can have on a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. It’s a critical discipline every large, growing organization incorporates into every piece of communication that makes it into a supporter’s hands. But why is testing so important? Think of it this way: if you aren’t testing…

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Five Things You Need to Learn About Your Major Gifts Prospects

Preparation is a chief component of success in all aspects of life, and fundraising is no exception. Soliciting a donation without any background information on your contributor is tough. Really tough. Now raise the stakes and make that contributor a major gift prospect. Yikes! The trick to preparing for soliciting a major gift prospect is…

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Invest in organizational innovation for nonprofits

You’re Not Investing in Technology. You’re Investing in Organizational Innovation

One thing I’ve realized being in the software world for the past several years is that the hardest part about adopting a new piece of technology is not utilizing the new bells and whistles you get, it’s the cultural and process change that comes along with this change. Let’s face it, there are about seven…

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4 tips for superior school fundraising

Four Tips for Superior School Fundraising

On top of educating our youth, schools have a secondary responsibility: fundraising. Their ability to teach students and provide a stimulating intellectual environment largely relies on how effective they are at gathering donations throughout the year. If you are looking for ways to raise money for a K-12 school, you’re in the right place. Just…

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5 ways your nonprofit CRM is costing you money

Five Ways Your Nonprofit CRM Is Costing You Too Much Money

Nothing in life is free. Well, nothing worth having, anyway. When it comes to nonprofits, every penny counts. From office space to equipment, nonprofits need to get highest quality at the most reasonable price so they can devote the highest possible percentage of their donors’ generous support to accomplishing their mission. Choosing a nonprofit CRM…

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Skookum Kids uses Virtuous CRM to help care for children in foster care

Skookum Kids Uses Virtuous to Help Care for Children in the Foster-Care System [Nonprofit Profile]

Skookum Kids joined Virtuous in early 2016 as their Nonprofit CRM partner. They are a growing nonprofit focused on providing services and care for children in the foster-care program in Bellingham, WA. To date, they’ve helped nearly 150 children at their volunteer-staffed group home. Ray Deck III is the Founder & Executive Director of Skookum…

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Some exciting news

Last fall, we discussed how Virtuous is re-imagining generosity.  The old story of philanthropy centered around a time when donors were approached as distant benefactors who looked to nonprofits to get the dirty work done on their dime. Donors presumably gave out of duty, not passion. The rise of transactional-focused donor management systems only extended…

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5 ways CRM integrations can super charge your nonprofit

Five Ways CRM Integrations Can Super-Charge your Nonprofit

Remember Rube Goldberg machines? They’re those ridiculously over-engineered and complicated contraptions that were only created to perform really simple tasks. Unfortunately, that thinking was the norm when it came to nonprofit software. I work with nonprofits every day that have donor management systems that are complicated, confusing and only succeed in getting in the way of…

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