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[Podcast] Emily Lesko – VP of Digital Business Solutions at iDonate

Mckenna Bailey

Using Data to Unlock Great Giving Experiences

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This week, Emily Lesko, VP of Digital Business Solutions at iDonate, joined host Gabe Cooper on The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser podcast to discuss how to create an unforgettable donor experience.

In this episode, Gabe and Emily cover what makes a great giving experience (hint: this is not a one-size-fits-all), tactics to increase your gift sizes, and the importance of clean data and how it can be leveraged to improve donor engagement.

“Every organization wants to know their donor, meet their donor where they are and speak to their donor in a way that makes sense to them.” - Emily Lesko, iDonate Click To Tweet “But in order to do that, you need to know who they are and what they care about. That’s difficult in today’s environment if you have disparate systems.”

Highlights from this episode:
● The role of data in creating integrated giving experiences for donors
● The major source of giving in America (that’s not cash) ripe for nonprofits to unlock
● Common pitfalls nonprofits can avoid when strategizing the online giving experience
● Tactics for nonprofits to consider before taking steps on new software, including understanding the different needs of decision-makers within their organization


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