how nonprofits can deepen donor relationships with analytics

[Podcast] How Nonprofits Can Deepen Donor Relationships With Predictive Analytics

Mckenna Bailey

Rob Harter of the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast hosted Virtuous Software founder Gabe Cooper this week to chat about how nonprofits can leverage technology to do more good in the world.

Specifically, to address the question: How can non-profits use technology and predictive analytics to deepen relationships with donors, raise more money, and re-engage lapsed donors?

What is Predictive Analytics?

In short, predictive analytics is the technology underlying the custom personal experiences we see in our everyday lives.

Websites like Amazon and Netflix customize the content each user sees when they login based on a profile of that person. The profile contains data the person has personally shared online from sources like Facebook and Twitter as well behavioral data such as purchase history, settings, preferences, etc.

How Can Predictive Analytics Help Nonprofits?

Personalized experience is what keeps users happy, consuming and buying more, and telling everyone they know about how cool the brand is! Personalized experience bonds customers to brands.

Imagine what could happen if you could develop this kind of bond with your donors. What if you could find out what makes your donors tick and use that information in an automated way to bond with them and turn them into raving fans?

The outcome is quite powerful. Listen for more on this innovative approach to fund-raising!

We’d love to know what your thoughts on using technology in fundraising. Is it an advancement?

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