The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast - Steve Cook, Equitas

[Podcast] Steve Cook – President of Equitas

Mckenna Bailey

Harnessing Education to Empower Children in Malawi

This week, Steve Cook, and host Gabe Cooper on The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser podcast. Steve is the president of Equitas, a nonprofit that provides opportunities through education for orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries. In this  episode, they discuss the startling statistic that motivated Steve to found Equitas, lessons he’s learned in grassroots fundraising, and how the organization has flourished being 100% volunteer run.

“I never once imagined Equitas would progress over the last ten years to where it is today,” Steve said. “People want to rally behind something. If there’s a need for something that needs to be done, it’s possible to galvanize your community when you’ve got something that is worthy of their work and time. - Steve Cook” Click To Tweet

Highlights from the show:

  • The strategic reason it’s vital for nonprofits to have big, audacious goals
  • Why nonprofits must address the challenge of finding their focus (and sticking to it)
  • The role research and boots on the ground experience play in determining strategy
  • How grassroots organizations can empower volunteers to hone their skills and become fundraising powerhouses


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