Introducing Virtuous Giving – The Complete Online Donation Platform

Mckenna Bailey

We try not to talk about ourselves very often on the Virtuous blog but we couldn’t help ourselves with this one. This week we are launching a brand new product call Virtuous Giving. Virtuous Giving is an online donation and lead capture platform that is fully integrated with the Virtuous CRM and Marketing Suite. It also offers Virtuous users the ability to easily process credit card gifts directly from the Virtuous platform.

Want to be one of the first to get a sneak peak of our new giving platform? Join our webinar for Tuesday, August 14th @ 11am MST by clicking here!

We are committed to giving donors the friction-free and personalized experiences that they deserve – and this new donation platform gives us the ability to impact the ENTIRE donor journey. The result is a fully integrated system leading to increased donations, happier donors, and cost savings to the nonprofit.”

Virtuous Giving - New Online Donation Platform

Form Builder and Smart Asks
Virtuous Giving makes it easy to create online donation or lead forms using a drag-and-drop form builder and then quickly add forms to any page on your website. The giving platform also helps our customers personalize giving experiences by suggesting gifts based on each donor’s previous giving history. Virtuous “smart asks” are specific to each donor. We use our unique predictive analytics engine to vary the ask amount/array in order to grow your average gift size. This type of high-touch donor engagement is unique within the nonprofit space. By creating personalized donor interactions, Virtuous Giving™ builds increased donor loyalty and inspires larger gifts.

We know that having a giving experience that is fully integrated with your site is critical for building trust and inspiring generosity. All of our forms can be embedded in your website with a simple copy and paste of code (like embedding a YouTube video). This type of embeddable form is a key Virtuous feature as it gives donors a low-friction giving experience, removing the need to make a donation on a separate website.

The Virtuous Giving drag-and-drop form builder also allows our customers to easily create unlimited forms – and each form can be customized and tagged for a particular project or fundraising campaign. These customized giving experiences help donors better connect with a particular aspect of the cause… when it matters most.

Virtuous Online Giving Form

Integration with Virtuous Automation and CRM
One of the most powerful aspects of the new Virtuous Giving platform is our integration with Virtuous marketing automation and CRM. All form data flows directly into Virtuous CRM and can be mapped to any Virtuous fields (including custom fields). Virtuous users can then quickly setup automated emails and call sequences to thank donors and build better relationships over time. This kind of personalized follow-up directly connected to the donation form can have a tremendous impact on donor engagement.

Fully Branded Donor Portal
In addition to donation forms, the nonprofit branded donor portal makes donor self-service easy. Donors can log in to access giving history, edit recurring gifts, and update billing information which saves time for both donors and nonprofit staff. Because the donor portal is fully integrated with Virtuous CRM, donors can see their full list of donations (even offline gifts) and update their contact information system wide with ease.

If you’re interested in learning more about Virtuous Giving check out or schedule a one-on-one demo of Virtuous Giving with one of our nonprofit fundraising gurus.

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