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Free eResources for Nonprofits

Mckenna Bailey

Is your nonprofit missing out on thousands in free services and technology?

When I have a chance to talk with nonprofit businesses they are often surprised at how many things they can get for free…yes $0 cost! As a valid 501(c)(3), nonprofits are eligible for free software, apps, professional services, products and so much more. Every little bit of savings helps when you’re on a tight budget.

Why spend more than you have to? In this article we’ll discuss these free eResources, the benefits available to nonprofits and where to apply. We’ll give you information to help you save up to $178,410 this year!

Free for Nonprofits: What’s The Catch?

Probono or free services are offered to valid 501(c)(3) nonprofits. We all know that nothing in life is truly free, so what’s the catch?

Companies who offer these services understand the value they bring to nonprofits and to the community as a whole. They heavily discount or provide completely free of charge services to companies not aiming to make a profit on the work they do. In return, they can write off the expenses for services they give for free (tax purposes) while also supporting their local communities. A win win!

There usually isn’t a catch when it comes to receiving free products or services, but contractual agreements with conditions may apply. Companies may ask for a testimonial, co branded marketing or maybe a request to to have their work with you be apart of a case study.

Companies offering completely free, no strings attached services still exist but be prepared for those that want a little back scratching in return.
Don’t sign any agreements without looking at the fine print and fully understanding the conditions and if you can cancel at any time.

Imagine the type of impact you can make for your nonprofit by seeking out and leveraging the amazing offers before you. Now you’re ready to explore the $178,000 in savings!

Free Technology & Applications for Nonprofits

The average nonprofit could spend thousands on technology and applications throughout the year. Employees need to access the internet, have devices to do their work, reliable hosting for your website and products or tools to do daily tasks. These costs add up quickly and can hinder a nonprofit’s success. Take these providers into consideration the next time you evaluate your technology providers.

Techsoup is an organization that works with nonprofits to source technology devices, applications, hardware and more. They “equip changemakers with transformative technology solutions and skills they need to improve lives globally and locally”. Large organizations donate or partner with Techsoup. They are responsible for sourcing them to nonprofits in need. Each month they also feature businesses that are heavily discounting their services for nonprofits and signing up new funders. Register and start receiving information about the available offers.

Offers range from $0 – $50,000+ per year.

Microsoft’s Philanthropic division offers product donations such a Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Bi, Enterprise Mobility and Windows 10. Out dated programs can have security risks your nonprofit may not be aware of. Upgrade with the help of brands like Microsoft. Get access to upgraded products you’ve not leveraged for your nonprofit like Power Bi, a business intelligence visualization tool.

Office 365 discount offer ranges from $0/year – $120/year (Up to $50 savings per year)
Azure discount offers $5,000/year toward services, range from $0 – $5,000/year (up to $5,000 savings per year)
Dynamics 365 discount offer ranges from $2/mo – $28.75/mo (Up to $1600 savings per year)
Power Bi discount offer ranges from $0/year – $36/year (Up to $65 savings per year per user)
Enterprise Mobility offer is $19.80/year per user (Up to $160 savings per year per user)
Windows 10 & WIndows 10 Enterprise discount offer is $0/mo (Up to $35 savings per year)

Dreamhost provides free shared hosting for its nonprofit clients. Known for their reliable hosting and awards for best customer service, Dreamhost is an option to consider when looking for website hosting. Their single shared hosting plan is available for one account to eligible nonprofits or select other plans at a 35% discount. Simply sign up, add your site and submit a ticket request with proof of your 501(c)(3). It’s that simple!

Single hosting plans range from $0 – $1,000/year (Up to $500 savings per year)

Google Analytics and other products provided by Google allow you to understand how your website is performing. Google gives you tools to improve your performance in addition to free training to learn about their products. This widely known analytics program is the cornerstone of many marketers success. If you don’t currently have Google Analytics running on your site it’s easily to implement in a few short steps.

Google Analytics is a free service offered to nonprofit and for-profit businesses

Google AdGrant program gives worthy nonprofits $10,000/mo, yes $120,000 per year in free ad credit to spend on Google Adwords. Google AdWords is the advertising service offered by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google search results pages. At the top of search results and near the bottom there are places that ads are displayed. These areas can show ads for your nonprofit, based on keywords searched. Google asks that you apply for the AdGrant program by letting them know how you’ll effectively use the dollars. Running an effective campaign may take the oversight of a seasoned professional but training is available for those who want to learn more. Please note: Google used to offer up to $40,000 per month to qualifying businesses, but in September 2016 stopped taking applications.

Google AdGrant pays for up to $10,000/mo in ad credits (Up to $120,000 savings per year)

OpenOffice is a free alternative to paying for Microsoft 365 or other products. Get access to spreadsheets, word processors and slides that are compatible with Microsoft programs.Many nonprofits turn to OpenOffice to help them run vital day-to-day tasks, responsible for keeping the doors at an organization open.

OpenOffice is a free service offered to nonprofit and for-profit businesses

Free Professional Services & Products for Nonprofits

Businesses in your local community are interested in helping nonprofits in many ways. This short list provides a couple resources to help, but we encourage you to pitch a local businesses about partnership opportunities. Local attorneys, accountants, marketing agencies, printers, graphic designers, web developers, and even locksmiths might be interested in collaborating together for the greater good. Don’t be afraid to simply ask, give a compelling way you can work together and see what can happen.

The HR Solutions partners with Techsoup to provide discounted and free HR consulting and support for organizations in need. Receive an HR consulting call free of charge and a variety of other services provided by the company to address your HR needs.

HR Solutions ranges from $0 – $1,000+ (Up to $1,000+ savings per year) provides trainings and courses for nonprofits and their employees on a wide variety of topics. Training is a multi-million dollar industry and can cost companies thousands each year. Continuing education for employees can help strengthen an organization, but some nonprofits aren’t able to offer due to cost. Nonprofit Ready is available to help with it’s huge array of professional development courses.

Nonprofit Ready is a free service offered to nonprofits and individuals is an organization that provides nonprofits with donated goods from nonprofits across the nation. Their efforts help put $300 million of much needed products and critical goods into the hands of worthy nonprofits. Nonprofits can apply and be part of a network of nearly 50,000 charitable organizations receiving distributed products and goods.

Good360 is a free service for nonprofits who qualify and meet minimum standards partners with nonprofits in need of books and reading materials for their efforts. They work with a variety of for-profit businesses to source new books and learning materials for nonprofits working with children. They’ve helped distribute over 150 million books and aim to give even more. Apply today and see if your nonprofit is eligible.

FirstBook is a free service for nonprofits who quality and meet minimum standards

Saving Your Nonprofit Thousands This Year

Are you ready to start saving your nonprofit thousands of dollars this year? With these resources we hope you can run better and more efficient nonprofits this year. Savings are ahead! Check out these sites for even more helpful resources and be sure to share with us any eResources we missed in the comments below.

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