The Weekly Roundup: Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes!


We’re starting a new, weekly series on the Virtuous blog to bring you the best-of-the-best from around the nonprofit blog-o-sphere. Each week, we’ll post a number of articles the Virtuous Team finds helpful or particularly insightful to help you better connect with your supporters to increase generosity. It’s ProductHunt, but for nonprofit marketing and management (and a good insight into what the Virtuous Team is currently reading).

So without further ado…..

Why a Lack of Email Marketing Mistakes Is a Red Flag

If you haven’t sent an “OOPS!” email to your supporters in the last 12 months, that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Push the envelope, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your email marketing efforts…. and don’t be too sad if you have to send the inevitable “we made a mistake” follow-up email.

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Email Welcome Series, How to Create One

A good email welcome series can be the difference between 90% of your sign-ups never connecting with you again and a ten-fold increase in recurring donor sign-ups. It’s one of the most critical, low-hanging-fruit things you can do today to move the needle.

Read the full article from Hatch Fundraising

4 ways to leverage Conversion Optimization to grow your digital acquisition

Is your website converting visitors into donors as effectively as possible? What are the benchmarks? At what rates should you convert website visitors to new donors? Learn about Conversion Optimization and why you should care.

Read the full article from Masterworks

Five Steps to Immediately Transform Your Online Fundraising

Identify your goal, measure results, radical redesign, test and validate. Five steps any digital market can get behind from our friends at RaiseDonors. This article is a homerun.

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Here’s What Effective Personalization Across the Buyer’s Journey Looks Like

Though sales-centric, this article from FullContact has GREAT insights into personalizing content to your audience. How can you apply these principles to your marketing communications? Doing so could yield amazing results from an ROI and donor-retention standpoint.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Fundraising Basics

Looking to raise more support over social media? Facebook is the obvious choice. But which route do you take: Facebook Donations or directing followers to your website? Check out the infographic from Elevation for more on the ins-and-outs of fundraising on Facebook.

Read the full article from Elevation

3 Reasons Why Recurring Giving Is Crucial to Your Fundraising (both today and tomorrow)

Three reasons?!? There are about two dozen reasons why recurring is critical to the success of your fundraising efforts. My friend, Brady, at NextAfter outlines the top reasons why you need to care about recurring giving and how it could transform your organization.

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Responsive Fundraising: The Blueprint for Engaging Modern Donors

Traditional fundraising strategies no longer work. This blueprint explains why today's donor expects more, and how nonprofits are shifting to responsive fundraising.

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