The Weekly Roundup: Email Marketing Tips Every Nonprofit Needs to Implement Today


We all struggle getting good visuals and photography into our email campaigns to draw readers into the story and how we want them to feel emotionally. And let’s face it, stock photography can get expensive — or even worse, cliche (hi, Harold!)

SendGrid has some resources where you can download stock photography and a few tips on how you can make it unique to your organization.

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2 Simple Ways to Increase Email Subscriber Engagement

Email subscribers are a really important segment of every nonprofit’s constituency. Email subscribers tend to give larger gifts, and donors that typically give via check give at higher rates and frequencies compared to donors without email addresses.

Read more from MAPP to take a deep dive

What You Can Learn About the Online Recurring Giving Experience from 115 Nonprofits

Learning from mistakes and successes of 115 nonprofits? YES PLEASE!

The folks at NextAfter never disappoint!

Recurring giving is such an important source of revenue for nonprofits and it’s so easy to boost your recurring giving enrollment with just a few tweaks to your digital marketing strategy. This one from Brady Josephson is a must-read.

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6 Effective Ways to Use Donor Data for Email Segmentation

Segmentation is key to ANY good marketing campaign. Know your donors, suppress the lowest cohorts and be on your merry way.

The good folks at ElevationWeb have some good insights into the different ways you can segment your email audience to improve responses.

Responsive Fundraising: The Blueprint for Engaging Modern Donors

Traditional fundraising strategies no longer work. This blueprint explains why today's donor expects more, and how nonprofits are shifting to responsive fundraising.

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