The Weekly Roundup: Insights into Brand and Growing Your Donor Base

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Your brand is an experience not a logo

What is brand? Whelp, it isn’t your logo that’s for sure. Logos are important but are only a small slice of your brand. This post from Intercom is an excellent reminder of what encompasses your brand and that it is an experience….. not a “thing.”

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Your Brand and the Illusion of Collaboration

Brian Sooy, President at Aespire – a brand agency working with countless nonprofits – has great insights into brand as it relates to collaboration. So many nonprofits espouse “collaboration” as a core value and in their mission statements. Yet, for many organization, these are just words and the fall short of delivering on this promise.

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3 Triggered Emails to Improve Brand Loyalty

Trigger-based email, or email that’s sent based upon activities or events, are a critical way to communicate with supporters. They can help improve response rates on marketing efforts, drive down the rate at which donors lapse, increase engagement and improve brand loyalty.

Check out these simple recommendations to improve your donors’ loyalty to your organization.

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Make “The Leap” to Acquire a LOT of new donors

In this article from BetterFundraising, they outline the common challenges almost ALL nonprofits go through acquiring new donors and how to “get over the hump” for growing organizations that have plateaued.

This one’s a must read for any organization serious about continually improving their acquisition efforts.

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Don’t Hire this MGO

Did you know the average tenure of a donor development rep at nonprofits is around 18 months? With that kind of high turnover, it’s likely your organization is either currently evaluating candidates or you will be soon.

This blog post from the Veritus Group has some really helpful tips to keep in mind on who you want to avoid when hiring a new Major Gift Officer.

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Responsive Fundraising: The Blueprint for Engaging Modern Donors

Traditional fundraising strategies no longer work. This blueprint explains why today's donor expects more, and how nonprofits are shifting to responsive fundraising.

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