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Adapt or Die – Why Data Is Mission Critical to Your Nonprofit

Big data is being used to supercharge some of the world’s most high performing organizations. Google, Toyota and many top performing nonprofits use data analytics to grow sales, reduce costs, increase giving and drive results. And companies like Peter Thiel’s Palantir are now leveraging big data to provide innovative, data-driven solutions to the world’s toughest…

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4 fundraising metrics you should care more about

4 Fundraising Metrics You Should Care More About

You are what you measure. So goes the expression. An expression I personally believe in and the older I get and more experience I have, I think the importance of such a statement only grows. Measurement doesn’t just show progress or results but shows insights and, perhaps most importantly, shapes behavior. So measuring, when it comes…

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How to accumulate donor love


Twitter has been abuzz with #DonorLove with nonprofits recently. #DonorLove is a movement of nonprofits recognizing their donors and thanking them for their support on social media channels. In short: it’s the latest fad in the age-old practice of making supporters feel connected to a causes they give and dedicate their time to. I’ve never…

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When not listening to your donors is the right thing to do

When Not Listening to Your Donors Is the Right Thing to Do

One of the most important things any organization — nonprofits and for-profits alike — can do is listen to their target market and respond to their wants and needs. But what does “listening” mean? To answer that, let’s take a quick peek at what listening does NOT mean. In 2009, Walmart wanted to improve customer…

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4 metrics every nonprofit should track

Four Metrics Every Nonprofit Should Track (But Probably Isn’t)

Just about every nonprofit on the planet can tell you how many active donors they have on file or at least how many people they are mailing currently. They probably don’t need to run a report to tell you the revenue for the fiscal year either. Child sponsorship and membership-based nonprofits tend to keep a…

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Going beyond A/B with three long term tests to refine email marketing

Going Beyond A/B: Three Long-Term Tests to Refine Email Marketing Performance

Whether your nonprofit is trying to fix a “problem” with donor engagement or you’re just committed to innovation and never satisfied with the status quo, A/B and multivariate testing is probably at the top of your list to improve communication performance. If you aren’t doing a/b testing yet, check out our previous post Getting Started…

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Data analysis for nonprofits - Virtuous CRM

Data Analysis or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Asking Questions

I get it. You are a people person. It’s why you are so good at cultivating and maintaining relationships with your donors. Then, one day, you took a promotion with a new organization to head up their fundraising team. And in your first meeting with your new Executive Director, you’re asked to take a look…

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Getting started with a/b testing

Getting Started with A/B Testing

You have seen the lifts that other nonprofits are getting from A/B testing, and now you are ready to do it yourself. But you might not be sure exactly where or how to start. So in this A/B testing guide for nonprofits, you will find some tips to begin optimizing your online fundraising so you…

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Fundraising: Half Art and Half Science

One of the best, and simultaneously worst, decisions I ever made was taking a philosophy class in college. I had an empty class that needed to be filled and there was a 200-level Medieval Philosophy course being taught by a great professor that didn’t require any prerequisites. So I signed up. Turns out I knew…

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How knowing your donors can inspire generosity

How Knowing Your Donors Can Inspire Generosity

I have a friend who doesn’t like to answer his phone. For every 100 times I call him, I get his voicemail 99 times. When I send him a text message, on the other hand, I get a response within a minute or two, without fail. I’m sure you know people like this. Then there’s…

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