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[Podcast] Beth Guckenberger: Fundraising and the Art of Nonprofit Storytelling

Storytelling is a major part of how brands connect with their audiences, but nonprofit storytelling is unique. It can be a major challenge to do it well so that you do more than just grow your donor base. We spoke with Beth Guckenberger who has been using storytelling to build relationships with her donors in…

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3 principles of being a better fundraiser

Sage Fundraising Advice and 3 Principles of Being a Better Fundraiser

Black and white. Right and wrong. Good and bad. Early in your career and 20’s that’s normally how you can see things. Your job. Your faith. Your relationships. Your beliefs. Your ideas. It makes it a lot easier to be an advocate and passionate supporter because, well, you’re right. Your cause is just. In fact,…

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Don’t Wait To Care More About Donor Satisfaction

What would you do differently if you could do it over again? This is a pretty standard reflection question we often ask ourselves in life – what would my life be like if I went into musical theatre instead of baseball for example – but also in business. It’s one of four questions I often…

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