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5 Antidotes to Data Apathy - Virtuous nonprofit CRM

5 Antidotes to Data Apathy

There is a fire inside of you that fervently wants to resist the thought: “but that’s the way we’ve always done it.” You crave data, you see the signs, and you know that if that data were to influence the decision-making process in your organization it would be a game changer. The problem you’re finding…

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how nonprofits can deepen donor relationships with analytics

[Podcast] How Nonprofits Can Deepen Donor Relationships With Predictive Analytics

Rob Harter of the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast hosted Virtuous Software founder Gabe Cooper this week to chat about how nonprofits can leverage technology to do more good in the world. Specifically, to address the question: How can non-profits use technology and predictive analytics to deepen relationships with donors, raise more money, and re-engage lapsed donors?…

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Invest in organizational innovation for nonprofits

You’re Not Investing in Technology. You’re Investing in Organizational Innovation

One thing I’ve realized being in the software world for the past several years is that the hardest part about adopting a new piece of technology is not utilizing the new bells and whistles you get, it’s the cultural and process change that comes along with this change. Let’s face it, there are about seven…

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St Joseph the Worker uses Virtuous CRM to meet needs of underserved

St. Joseph the Worker uses Virtuous CRM to meet the needs of the underserved [Nonprofit profile]

Over the past 30 years, St. Joseph the Worker has helped thousands of economically deprived men and women in Phoenix, AZ become self-sufficient with the reassurance, tools, and support needed to secure quality employment. In 2015, St. Joseph the Worker chose Virtuous as their nonprofit CRM solution to help accelerate fundraising efforts and do more…

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using tags to track visitors - Virtuous CRM

How to use tags to track givers in Virtuous CRM [How-to]

“How can I create segments in my database?” “How can I find all of our newsletter subscribers?” “How do I track donors who only want an annual statement?” These questions, and dozens more like them, come up all the time when organizations are moving to a new CRM. And any worthwhile nonprofit CRM has a…

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How to respond when fundraising opportunities present themselves

Are you ready to respond when fundraising opportunities present themselves?

In the world of nonprofit fundraising – especially direct-response fundraising – we’re typically working on initiatives and communications several months out. The topics we’re considering and letters we’re writing today won’t be read by anyone for three or four months. The good news is this provides us a little leeway in our schedules to make…

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Faceless transactions in nonprofits

The Story of John “The Faceless Transaction” Doe

You remember John don’t you? He was the energetic young professional who proactively volunteered to be a team captain for your 5K walkathon fundraiser waaaaay back in 2010. He was passionate about your mission, held a burning desire to make a difference in the world and at the time you first met, had just landed…

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Tools to make a difference in nonprofits

The Right Tools Make all the Difference: Part 1

Raising money is hard. Really hard. Not only do you have to identify donors who are passionate about the challenges your organization is committed to solving, but you have to break through the barrage of communication that competes for the attention of your donors. On top of this, you have at least 83 tasks you…

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How Virtuous is re-imagining generosity

The Virtuous Worldview Part 1 : How Virtuous is Re-imagining Generosity

Occasionally, I get asked how Virtuous is “different” from other nonprofit CRMs. I thought it might be helpful to write a couple blog posts that outline our particular views on generosity software. Part of the Virtuous value lies in the fact that our software team builds beautiful, easy-to-use software. That said, these blog posts won’t focus on…

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