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Lapsed donors can be re-engaged with the right strategies.

Are Lapsed Donors Trapped in Your Nonprofit CRM?

We know donor retention is an uphill battle nonprofits fight every day. Generosity is a deeply personal choice that can shift due to a myriad of reasons. Even with the most sophisticated team of experts, it’s common for nonprofits to see their lapsed donors list continue to grow. However, a common problem does not translate…

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How do you communicate impact - Virtuous CRM

How Can Nonprofits Communicate Impact?

Most donors choose to give to nonprofits because they believe in the cause. So it follows suit that they would want to know that their gift is actually contributing toward the impact they believed in at the beginning. Research from The Bridgespan Group reinforces this idea. They found that the greatest need donors have from…

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image of chalk board with words "thank you" written on it.

How Often Should You Thank Recurring Donors?

In general, it goes without saying that you should be sure to thank donors to your cause. Without their donations, your organization wouldn’t be able to perform its good work. Your donors believe in what you do enough to commit their financial resources to help you succeed. Pretty clearly, a thank you is in order…

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Faceless transactions in nonprofits

The Story of John “The Faceless Transaction” Doe

You remember John don’t you? He was the energetic young professional who proactively volunteered to be a team captain for your 5K walkathon fundraiser waaaaay back in 2010. He was passionate about your mission, held a burning desire to make a difference in the world and at the time you first met, had just landed…

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Don’t Wait To Care More About Donor Satisfaction

What would you do differently if you could do it over again? This is a pretty standard reflection question we often ask ourselves in life – what would my life be like if I went into musical theatre instead of baseball for example – but also in business. It’s one of four questions I often…

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