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Spend time caring for your donors

Spend Less Time Worrying About The Future and More Time Caring For Your Donors

I’ve spent most of my fundraising and professional career in digital and tech so I spend a lot of my time in conversations about, well, tech, digital, and the future. What’s changing on Facebook? What’s next with mobile? How will philanthropy be different with Millennials? And while I have some opinions – Facebook has a ‘new’…

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how to measure email fundraising campaigns with google

How To Measure Email Fundraising Campaigns With Google Analytics

Are you in the same boat as so many nonprofits? Struggling to measure the performance of email fundraising campaigns? You can see all of your email metrics like opens and clicks in a colorful report displayed in your email tool, but you have a hard time figuring out how many donors and contributions were generated…

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Facebook for nonprofits

Figuring out Facebook

I speak to nonprofits all day long.  Every single organization I interact with is interested in figuring out how to use Facebook to share their mission.  But most are struggling with HOW. It’s tricky.  Some of us who attempt to use social media to reach a larger target market are the same folks who had beepers…

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