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Is your nonprofit CRM focused on sales or generosity?

Is Your CRM Built with a Focus on Closing the Sale – or on Generosity?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase, “closing the deal?” How do you feel? Most people start to see images of awkward asks gone wrong. Feelings of rejection and missed opportunities can make you feel immediately uncomfortable. What about when you hear the term “growing generosity?” Your feelings are different, almost instantly,…

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Donor retention improves when you close the loop.

Increase Donor Retention by Closing the Loop with Givers

Reaching your fundraising goals every year requires a delicate balance of effort from everyone on your team. Every day, you must decide how much effort should be put towards donor retention and how much attention should be paid to finding new donors. Each initiative comes with its unique set of problems and opportunities, but nonprofits…

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Nonprofit brand advocacy: Turning Fans into Fundraisers

You often hear nonprofits talk about how to find better ways to grow their donor base. Unfortunately, nonprofits often miss one of the biggest opportunities to leverage, and it isn’t even within their organization: the fans. This begins by understanding that your nonprofit is a brand, and your fans are your advocates. Nonprofit brand advocacy…

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free resources for nonprofits

Free eResources for Nonprofits

Is your nonprofit missing out on thousands in free services and technology? When I have a chance to talk with nonprofit businesses they are often surprised at how many things they can get for free…yes $0 cost! As a valid 501(c)(3), nonprofits are eligible for free software, apps, professional services, products and so much more….

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Results from over 600 digital fundraising experiments

It’s Almost Time! Results from Over 600 Digital Fundraising Experiments [Free Webinar]

It’s almost time for our free webinar where you can learn about some amazing insights from over 600 digital fundraising experiments!Together with NextAfter, we’ll dive into a myriad of real-life examples that will shed light on how to optimize and improve your digital donor experience.  Using 600 experiments conducted by NextAfter we’ll not only debunk traditional…

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How to prevent donor fatigue

Preventing Donor Fatigue

It’s the thought that occurs while you lay awake thinking about your latest campaign, “With all of this communications being sent are we wearing out our donors?” The fear of donor fatigue is real, but I believe is misplaced. I think what organizations or fundraisers think is donor fatigue is really irrelevant communication or bad…

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How to respond when fundraising opportunities present themselves

Are you ready to respond when fundraising opportunities present themselves?

In the world of nonprofit fundraising – especially direct-response fundraising – we’re typically working on initiatives and communications several months out. The topics we’re considering and letters we’re writing today won’t be read by anyone for three or four months. The good news is this provides us a little leeway in our schedules to make…

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They aren't your donors they are your investors

Five Features Agencies Need out of a Nonprofit CRM

At Virtuous, we’re all about helping charities raise more money and do more good. This means valuing all of the people involved in the fundraising process from start to finish. We recognize that agency partners are crucial to any charity’s success, and as a result, we’re committed to helping agencies better serve their nonprofit customers….

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Why you need to say goodbye to some donors

Why You Need To Say Goodbye To Some Donors. And How You Can Do It

I have a Roberto Alomar Toronto Blue Jay’s jersey that I absolutely love. He was my favorite player when the Jays won the World Series in 1992 and again in 1993 when I was 8 and 9 years old. Quite a formative time in the life of a young baseball player and sports fan. Here’s…

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Social Fundraising: Content Marketing After Facebook

Just about every charity has a Facebook page, and rightly so. After all, there are nearly 1.5 billion Facebook users around the world today – roughly one fifth of people on the planet. Facebook provides an unparalleled platform for social marketing and social fundraising. At the same time, Facebook continues to change the algorithm used…

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