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Is your nonprofit CRM focused on sales or generosity?

Is Your CRM Built with a Focus on Closing the Sale – or on Generosity?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase, “closing the deal?” How do you feel? Most people start to see images of awkward asks gone wrong. Feelings of rejection and missed opportunities can make you feel immediately uncomfortable. What about when you hear the term “growing generosity?” Your feelings are different, almost instantly,…

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Lapsed donors can be re-engaged with the right strategies.

Are Lapsed Donors Trapped in Your Nonprofit CRM?

We know donor retention is an uphill battle nonprofits fight every day. Generosity is a deeply personal choice that can shift due to a myriad of reasons. Even with the most sophisticated team of experts, it’s common for nonprofits to see their lapsed donors list continue to grow. However, a common problem does not translate…

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Prove the value of your nonprofit crm investment.

7 Ways to Explain the Importance of a Nonprofit CRM

A sophisticated nonprofit CRM can be pricey. Especially if you’re looking for a tool to optimize your organization, you should be prepared to make an investment. People understand this, but when the time comes to choose, there are usually two reactions from decision-makers. The first group says, “Think about the benefits!” The second group thinks,…

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4 tricks to optimize your nonprofit website for speed and user experience.

4 Tricks to Optimizing Your Website Speed

For many people, there’s nothing more aggravating than waiting. Whether it be waiting in line for security screenings at the airport or waiting for the waiter to bring you your meal, waiting is hard! So hard in fact, that industries today are working around these inconveniences with TSA Pre-Applications, DoorDash, and more. Such profitable luxuries…

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6 tips to getting email right with your donors

The Exodus Road uses Virtuous to end Child Slavery [Nonprofit Profile]

The Exodus Road is a growing nonprofit focused on ending the human trafficking and sex slavery trade. To date, they’ve supported over 750 rescue operations in Southeast Asia resulting in over 200 arrests. In early 2016, The Exodus Road chose Virtuous as their Nonprofit CRM solution. We spoke with Jeanne Honsaker, the VP of Advancement, and her…

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