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Predictive analytics for nonprofits is easier than you think.

Predictive Analytics for Nonprofits: Why You Need Data to Predict Your Donors’ Future Engagements and Generosity

The decision to give is a much different one than choosing a product or service to buy. In many ways, it’s much more personal and nuanced. Whether a donor is giving time, money or other goods, each decision is driven by a unique set of priorities. They are willing to give without expecting anything in…

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Adapt or Die – Why Data Is Mission Critical to Your Nonprofit

Big data is being used to supercharge some of the world’s most high performing organizations. Google, Toyota and many top performing nonprofits use data analytics to grow sales, reduce costs, increase giving and drive results. And companies like Peter Thiel’s Palantir are now leveraging big data to provide innovative, data-driven solutions to the world’s toughest…

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build better donor connections

How to Leverage Data to Build a Better Connection with Donors

Reports have revealed the number of nonprofits using some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage their donor and volunteer relationships is growing. To a biased provider of a nonprofit CRM like us, this is good news (of course). But we also love to hear this because it means these organizations are taking…

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