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4 New Nonprofit Fundraising Techniques

The fundraising landscape has changed significantly in the past ten years, and nonprofits have to adapt to succeed. Trying new fundraising techniques can help your organization grow and meet donors’ rising expectations. But where should you start?  What’s Changed In Nonprofit Fundraising?  Donors, nonprofit professionals, and technology have all shifted, making new kinds of fundraising…

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The One Nonprofit Development Strategy You Probably Haven’t Tried

“Stay in touch.” “Center the donor in your storytelling.” “Show impact.” Do you use any of these as your nonprofit development strategy? Of course, you do. And so is everyone else.  These are helpful strategies, but they aren’t going to make you stand out to your donors. Best practices aren’t exactly unique.  As organizations struggle…

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Reach your fundraising goals with content marketing for nonprofits.

To Hit Year-End Goals, Go Beyond Content Marketing for Nonprofits

You’ve got to be a great improviser to work in the nonprofit sector. When your job is to find creative solutions for huge problems, that kind of thinking “on the fly” is a must.  But I don’t think we should improvise when it comes to our year-end fundraising content. You know what I mean –…

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Fundraising strategies are important after a "no" as well.

3 Ways To Learn From “No”: Optimizing Fundraising Strategies that Don’t Work

You did it. You made a big, brave ask to a major donor and…they passed. They weren’t interested.  Ouch. Sorry.  But take heart! There is life after “no,” and all is not lost. In fact, you can use “no” to improve and optimize your fundraising strategies.   What Can You Learn From “No”? It may feel…

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Improve donor retention with these new engagement strategies.

4 Behavior-Based Engagement Strategies You Can Use To Improve Donor Retention

The ways you and I connect with each other is different now. Technology and trends constantly evolve the way we relate to each other and the context of each of our interactions. Essentially, innovation created infinite ways to engage with people around the world.  If relationship between two people is different, then it’s safe to…

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Use these fundraising email templates to drive generosity.

5 Fundraising Email Templates for Your Next Generosity Requests

People ignore the ordinary. We’re wired to notice the anomalies and quickly process the familiar. It’s why you know something is “off” about your desk before you identify which object is out of place or missing. It’s also why your fundraising emails start to lose their impact after a while.  When your donors hear the…

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Scaling donor relationships works at any nonprofit.

Nonprofit Strategies for Scaling Donor Relationships At Any Size

One constant you’ll find across every organization, no matter what kind, is the problem of scale. The habits and the processes that helped you in the beginning are suddenly making challenges worse. New challenges you couldn’t anticipate start popping up, demanding action. It’s a cycle that can be as exciting as it is frustrating. One…

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Metrics That Really Matter To Your Organization – And How To Improve Them

We love equipping nonprofits with modern software that helps accelerate generosity. But there’s a well-known ‘secret’ in CRM software that, if not understood, can dramatically inhibit your success. The ‘secret’ is this: even the best solutions are only as effective as the data and processes that they help automate. In other words, you’ve made the…

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