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[Podcast] Beth Guckenberger: Fundraising and the Art of Nonprofit Storytelling

Storytelling is a major part of how brands connect with their audiences, but nonprofit storytelling is unique. It can be a major challenge to do it well so that you do more than just grow your donor base. We spoke with Beth Guckenberger who has been using storytelling to build relationships with her donors in…

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man at desk viewing great nonprofit website

[Podcast] Adam Walker: What Makes a Great Nonprofit Website?

Most nonprofit organizations understand that a website is a key communication tool that helps them state their mission, share their successes, and keep their donors up to date. A nonprofit website is also a central tool for growing the donor base. That’s why it’s not enough to just check the box: “Yeah, we have a website.”…

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The modern nonprofit fundraising podcast - Dave Raley

[Podcast] Dave Raley of Masterworks – Creating Experiences That Inspire Generosity

The Modern Nonprofit Podcast – Creating experiences that inspire generosity Dave Raley is the EVP of Analytics, Innovation & Strategy at Masterworks, a full-service marketing agency committed to helping nonprofits inspire new levels of generosity. At Masterworks, Dave leads one of the industry’s strongest teams in analytics, media, and strategy – and the industry’s only…

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The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast - Trent Dunham

[Podcast] Trent Dunham – Dunham + Company

Closing the Impact Gap of Nonprofits There are countless nonprofits around that world that aren’t reaching their full potential, with a gap widening between what their impact is and what it could be. Trent Dunham believes these organizations are often weighed down by misconceptions about the fundraising process, including donors’ giving habits. As president of…

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The Modern Nonprofit Fundraiser Podcast - OneHope

[Podcast] Nicole Johansson and Sheryl Root – OneHope

Developing a Culture of Giving at OneHope Today’s nonprofits set audacious goals to make the world a better place. That certainly is the case for OneHope, an organization that works with churches, ministries, local governments, and schools to present the Gospel’s message to children. The nonprofit has its sights set high, planning to reach 112…

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