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Developing Donor Relations: 5 Reasons Your Donors Should Be In Charge

The success of your fundraising efforts is due, in no small part, to your focus on donor relations. People need to care about your mission and believe in your process before they give any money. For your marketing and development teams, that means understanding your donors more and more every day. So your team adopts…

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How do you communicate impact - Virtuous CRM

How Can Nonprofits Communicate Impact?

Most donors choose to give to nonprofits because they believe in the cause. So it follows suit that they would want to know that their gift is actually contributing toward the impact they believed in at the beginning. Research from The Bridgespan Group reinforces this idea. They found that the greatest need donors have from…

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[Podcast] Beth Guckenberger: Fundraising and the Art of Nonprofit Storytelling

Storytelling is a major part of how brands connect with their audiences, but nonprofit storytelling is unique. It can be a major challenge to do it well so that you do more than just grow your donor base. We spoke with Beth Guckenberger who has been using storytelling to build relationships with her donors in…

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image of chalk board with words "thank you" written on it.

How Often Should You Thank Recurring Donors?

In general, it goes without saying that you should be sure to thank donors to your cause. Without their donations, your organization wouldn’t be able to perform its good work. Your donors believe in what you do enough to commit their financial resources to help you succeed. Pretty clearly, a thank you is in order…

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How to build better relationships with your givers

Do you want better relationships with your givers?

“It’s sad how quickly people can forget about you until they want something from you.” Does this quote make you cringe when you consider what your donors might think about their relationship with your organization? Well, if the only time they hear from you is to discuss that next gift, I’m quite certain, on some level, this…

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They aren't your donors they are your investors

They aren’t your donors, they are your investors

I was talking to a colleague the other day who works in fundraising.  He was expressing his frustration because he was having trouble getting a donor to commit to a rather large gift.  And it got me thinking… What if you changed the language, and in turn, the perception of that donor?  What if –…

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Do You Know Me? Do You Care?

I can be bought. I admit it and am not ashamed. My price is $10 off my favorite hair spray. That is how much you needed to entice me to give all my buying data away at my local drug store. A $10 coupon and they now know more about me than my mother does….

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