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Is your nonprofit CRM focused on sales or generosity?

Is Your CRM Built with a Focus on Closing the Sale – or on Generosity?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase, “closing the deal?” How do you feel? Most people start to see images of awkward asks gone wrong. Feelings of rejection and missed opportunities can make you feel immediately uncomfortable. What about when you hear the term “growing generosity?” Your feelings are different, almost instantly,…

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improve online donations with these 4 tips

4 Keys to a High-Performing Giving Web Page

A successful online giving program is often the lifeblood of a successful, modern nonprofit. But figuring out how to grow online giving can sometimes seem like black magic. It’s often difficult to figure out where your site traffic is coming from, what makes your traffic convert and how much your visitors are willing to donate….

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4 metrics every nonprofit should track

Four Metrics Every Nonprofit Should Track (But Probably Isn’t)

Just about every nonprofit on the planet can tell you how many active donors they have on file or at least how many people they are mailing currently. They probably don’t need to run a report to tell you the revenue for the fiscal year either. Child sponsorship and membership-based nonprofits tend to keep a…

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Getting started with a/b testing

Getting Started with A/B Testing

You have seen the lifts that other nonprofits are getting from A/B testing, and now you are ready to do it yourself. But you might not be sure exactly where or how to start. So in this A/B testing guide for nonprofits, you will find some tips to begin optimizing your online fundraising so you…

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How to use data to increase ROI the right way

How You Can Use Data To Increase ROI – The Right Way

I hate ROI. Not in and of itself but mainly how it’s been applied to fundraising for nonprofits. Organizations that operate on scarce resources absolutely need to focus on efficiency, effectiveness and delivering great results. But I think we often get it slightly wrong. And because of this, we end up in some of the…

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