Results from over 600 digital fundraising experiments

Free Webinar: What Works? Results from Over 600 Digital Fundraising Experiments

David Cady

Is fundraising more of an art or science?  Do they have to be mutually exclusive?  Can science help inform our art?

Virtuous is thrilled to partner with NextAfter, the leading nonprofit research lab and consultancy, to share learnings about what works in digital fundraising

During this webinar we’ll turn the web into a living laboratory.  We’ll take a look at the results of over 600 online experiments.  Using a rigorous scientific methodology employed by Fortune 100 companies, NextAfter has debunked traditional best practices and uncovered breakthrough principles that produce transformational results. 

In this session we will look at various studies including findings from NextAfter’s “mystery donor” research studies and real-world online experiments to share secrets for growing your email file, improving your donation response rates, and how you can apply these principles today to your own fundraising campaigns.

Ultimately, we want to help you uncover the why behind why your donors are giving.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The most important predictive indicator of successful online fundraising
  • How to improve follow-up with prospective and existing donors with marketing automation
  • How to dramatically improve donor response by tailoring your communication

The details

Where: Your favorite browser
When: Wednesday, March 15th at 3:00 PM EST

Get a seat while you can, register today to reserve your spot!

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