How technology can reduce the burden of gift processing

Webinar: How Technology Can Reduce the Burden of Gift Processing


Do you struggle with time-consuming and frustrating gift processing?

Do you wish you could find a tool to streamline the process and make it less burdensome that was affordable?

Gift processing is the most critical and dreaded function for every nonprofit organization. It takes forever and mistakes are inevitable, requiring work to be redone. It’s just plain painful.

So why do so many nonprofits continue to do this the hard way when technology providers like Paperless who can take the drudgery out of gift processing? Drive down the banking, personnel, and administrative costs with automated check and response device imaging.

We’re partnering with Paperless to bring you the most up-to-date information on how you can leverage technology to improve the quality of life for your gift processing staff. With the right technology, you can integrate the entire process from opening the mail to depositing in the bank to recording the gift in your nonprofit CRM.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to save you time and money on gift processing with imaging technology
  • How to integrate your CRM with imaging technology
  • How to minimize duplication of work and improve the quality of your donor data
  • How to implement software to replace antiquated processes

Webinar Details:

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Webinar - Reduce The Burden of Gift Processing

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