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Thank you for your interest in Virtuous. We have just a few guidelines and suggestions to keep in mind when using these assets. Please pretty please with a cherry on top, take a moment to review the guidelines before you proceed. Download as much as you’d like… or even easier, download everything.

… now it’s time to get your download on

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Virtuous Nonprofit CRM


Virtuous uses two primary logos: one for light backgrounds and one reversed out for dark backgrounds. There are no alternate layouts and you must always display the full logo with the icon and wordmark. Neither component of the logo should be used without the other.

If you download all logos, you’ll get both the primary and reversed out logos as a PNG (3 sizes) and SVG.

Primary Logo

Download: PNG | SVG

Reversed Logo

Download: PNG | SVG

Do not alter icon placement

Do not "stack" logo

Do not convert to grayscale

Virtuous Nonprofit CRM

Software Screenshots

We’ve just released version 4 of Virtuous with a completely redesigned UI/UX. The screenshots here cover a broad spectrum of the features available in Virtuous from donor management to custom dashboards to marketing automation.

The Obligatory Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Of course, all assets provided here are the sole property of Virtuous Software, LLC and are protected under applicable copyright and intellectual property law.

Please don’t:

  • use these assets in a way that communicates an affiliation or endorsement of your product, service, or business.
  • make changes to any of these assets in any way. Seriously…. in no way at all are you allowed to alter colors, change the text contained within the images, or combine them with other images or overlays without written consent.

That’s it. Happy downloading and thank you, again, for your interest in helping Virtuous empower nonprofits to make the world a better place.

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