"The team at Virtuous have been amazing in how they've made sure that we’re successful in using their CRM" Oye Waddell, Hustle Phx
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  • The Exodus Road

    Our 2016 year-end campaign exceeded the previous year’s by almost 400%

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  • Virtuous is so intuitive and easy to learn. We love the simplicity of segmenting our partners so that we can focus on churches or businesses or individual households as well as different giving tiers. It helps us treat each one of our donors as a unique, special individual.
  • Virtuous is an integral part of our organization. It's going to play a critical role in identifying key partners, donors and will help drive engagement and financial support so the Colson Center can have an even greater impact on the culture.
  • Louisville Rescue Mission

    Virtuous is the perfect tool for Louisville Rescue Mission. Making this change to our nonprofit CRM will enable us to connect with givers in new and meaningful ways and have a greater impact on the Louisville community.

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  • We considered modifying a CRM built for traditional B2B or B2C companies to meet our needs, but felt that we would spend too much energy trying to make the tool work for us. When you work in child welfare, you're constantly at war against a huge, menacing bureaucracy. You don't want to be fighting with your CRM too.
  • Virtuous is powerful yet simple, smart yet not intrusive. It is designed as a capable partner for today’s high touch fundraiser who works to build relationships across multiple channels and understands that networks are as important as gifts.
  • Skookum Kids

    I made it my mission to make a personal friend out of every donor. That was a noble goal that quickly became impossible as we grew. A person can only hold so many things in their head at once. Virtuous holds all that stuff so that my brain is free to hold other things until I need to retrieve that information

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  • The seamless integration with other tools was one of the primary reasons Equitas selected Virtuous as our CRM. Reporting and donor management are simple, powerful and flexible. I have been extremely happy with the platform and would highly recommend it to anyone considering it.
  • We have to provide our staff with far less training with Virtuous because it’s very intuitive. It doesn’t require a 500 page training manual.
  • OneHope

    Real-time access to rich partner data provides our staff with a better overall understanding of who that person is, which in turn allows us to truly personalize our contact with them, whether it's email, mail, a call or a note.

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  • Virtuous is a joy to use! Its fast, intuitive and easy to use interface allows us to spend less time managing and entering data, and more time connecting with and building deeper relationships with our givers.
  • Virtuous is the perfect tool to manage my day. At a glance, I can quickly see how I've connected with our partners in the past, what they're passionate about and start conversations that will have a lasting impact on our communities.
  • Logos Academy

    Virtuous has been a huge upgrade when it comes to intuitiveness. In our old system you had to dig around to get a lot of things that Virtuous just puts out right in front of you.

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A Few of Our Amazing Customers

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Comic-Con
  • Teen Challenge
  • Operation Mobilization
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Catholic Charities

The Kinds of People We Serve

Director of Donor Development

Our favorite Donor Reps love telling the story of the organization – but they hate the process. They like software that amplifies relationships and reduces the hassle of data entry. Providing a CRM with a relational advantage can keep a Donor Rep engaged and excited about their work.


Our Marketing users are incredibly creative and analytical. They interact with multiple lists of hundreds or thousands of constituents every day, and they need to easily segment, experiment and analyze data... and build a personalized connection with givers. They expect straightforward integration with other best-in-class, cloud-based tools for direct marketing, email, analytics and digital fundraising.

Executive Director

Our Executive Directors and CEOs need high-level summaries of information in a graphical, easy-to-read format, as well as important, decision-making data available to them on demand. They are also constantly on the go and want to get detailed donor information quickly and easily from any device – anytime, anywhere.

Finance & Operations

Our Operations and Finance users hold the keys to the kingdom at their nonprofits. They want a tool that simplifies importing and reconciling gifts. They also want easy integration with their favorite accounting tools and robust fund management for the complex accounting needs of a nonprofit.

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