The Responsive Fundraising Podcast

Listen to nonprofit leaders and fundraising experts uncover how today’s top nonprofits craft remarkable donor experiences and build lasting relationships at scale.

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Featured Season 2 Episodes

  • Gabe Cooper and Noah Barnett

    Virtuous Software

    Gabe and Noah introduce Season 2 and lay out the fundamental tenants of Responsive Fundraising

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  • Hilary Noon

    EVP at Pursuant

    Hilary talks about the first-ever Donor Loyalty Benchmark Study and why donor loyalty is a metric fundraisers should be pursuing.

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  • Dan Reed

    CEO of Seed Fundraisers

    Dan shares what he believes the true purpose of a fundraising professional is, and a few tips on how to evolve your posture toward your nonprofit's donors.

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Featured Season 1 Episodes

  • Trent Dunham

    President of Dunham + Company

    Trent discusses in detail how to close the impact gap of your nonprofit.

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  • Chris Horst

    VP Advancement, HOPE International

    Chris talks about building a great fundraising team and the power of admitting your mistakes and limitations in from of donors.

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  • Heather Hiscox of Moves the Needle

    Co-founder & Co-director

    Challenging Nonprofit Leaders to Think Differently About Innovation

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  • Jon Burgess

    Chief Publishing Officer, David C Cook

    Find out how Jon is driving rapid innovation through nonprofit culture that encourages fast failure.

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  • Justin Narducci

    CEO, LifeWater

    Hear Justin's wisdom on using corporate best practices to re-make the culture of a legacy nonprofit.

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  • Jenni Chacko

    Co-Founder of Empart

    Get great insights on building multi-channel donor journeys for different donor segments

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  • Larry Johnson

    Author of The 8 Principles

    Younger donors require nonprofits to tell great story and build relationships. Larry talking about donor transparency.

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  • Nate Hughes

    VP of Partnerships, 1Mission

    Learn what it means to truly see donors and "partners" and hear 1Mission's innovative approach to fundraising.

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  • Steve Cook

    President of Equitas

    Steve is the president of Equitas, a nonprofit that provides opportunities through education for orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries.

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  • Emily Lesko

    Vice President, Digital Business Solutions

    In this episode, Gabe and Emily cover what makes a great giving experience (hint: this is not a one-size-fits-all).

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  • Nicole Johansson & Sheryl Root

    VP of Advancement, Partner Database Manager

    Nicole & Sheryl discuss how OneHope has consistently stayed ahead of the technology curve.

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  • Dave Raley of Masterworks

    Executive Vice President

    Dave & Gabe discuss how to create experiences that inspire generosity.

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  • Brad Davies of Hatch Fundraising

    Fundraiser in Chief

    Find out how to utilize technology to improve your fundraising strategies.

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  • Johnny Avots-Smith of Letterform Archive

    Director of Development

    In this podcast we learn about Johnny's innovative approach to helping donors realize their values through the work of their favorite nonprofits.

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