The Complete Guide to Digital Fundraising ebook for nonprofits

The Complete Guide to Digital Fundraising

Digital fundraising has become the primary driver of new generosity over the last 15 years. Your digital strategy can be the difference between having a massive impact in the world, or slowly dying because you lack the funds and momentum to succeed. Online giving increases year-over-year and has almostĀ doubled since 2012.

Because of this, it’s critical nonprofits are equipped to have a sound, comprehensive digital fundraising strategy to meet the needs of their donors.

What you’ll learn

We put this ebook together to help nonprofits improve results and increase generosity. When you download this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • how to build a high-performing email strategy
  • high-touch donor experiences with marketing automation
  • how to create the perfect call-to-action to drive results
  • how to increase web traffic, conversion rates, and average gift size on your website
  • about the importance of a robust recurring gift program
  • how to leverage social media to augment your other digital marketing efforts
  • measuring and testing communications to improve results
  • leveraging content marketing tactics

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