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Nonprofit Marketing Automation


Do you want to create meaningful relationships with your donors?. Even first-time and mid-level donors? The rise of technology-driven personalization has conditioned donors to expect personal experiences in their daily lives. Our new personalized world is impacting philanthropy requiring nonprofits to personalize interactions with donors for fundraising success. Innovative nonprofits are utilizing data and marketing…

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Maximizing results with matching gifts

Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts


Learn How to Increase Donations & Maximize ROI with Matching Gifts After wrapping up 2017, you probably have a lot of new donors in your database from the end-of-the-year giving rush. Do you know how to maximize those donations and start off 2018 with a bang? We will talk through how to find, streamline and…

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FREE RFM Matrix Tool Download

Free RFM Matrix Tool


RFM – or Recency, Frequency, Monetary – is one of the most common ways nonprofits segment fundraising communications. It allows you to quickly and easily report on which types or groups of donors are the most and least profitable and can give you key insights into where you need to make improvements to increase ROI and maximize your…

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