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Maximizing results with matching gifts

Maximizing Return with Matching Gifts


Learn How to Increase Donations & Maximize ROI with Matching Gifts After wrapping up 2017, you probably have a lot of new donors in your database from the end-of-the-year giving rush. Do you know how to maximize those donations and start off 2018 with a bang? We will talk through how to find, streamline and…

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FREE RFM Matrix Tool Download

What is RFM: Meaning, Analysis and More


One of the fundamentals of fundraising is RFM modeling. Whether your organization is sending direct mail appeals, email campaigns or peer-to-peer fundraising enrollment campaigns, they can all be made stronger when considering the RFM score of each donor. In order to understand exactly what RFM means to your efforts, and how to incorporate it into…

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Additional Plays for Responsive Fundraising Audio Book


Thank you for listening to our book, Responsive Fundraising: The Donor-Centric Framework Today’s Leading Nonprofits Use to Grow Giving. To get the additional content, including 17 original responsive fundraising strategies, please fill out the form. You’ll get instant access to all the plays included in the print version of our book for free.

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