FREE RFM Matrix Tool Download

Free RFM Matrix Tool

RFM – or Recency, Frequency, Monetary – is one of the most common ways nonprofits segment fundraising communications. It allows you to quickly and easily report on which types or groups of donors are the most and least profitable and can give you key insights into where you need to make improvements to increase ROI and maximize your fundraising efforts.

RFM segmentation can also help you:

  • decrease marketing costs by suppressing “unprofitable” donors from communications
  • predict revenue by using segment sizes, historical response rates, average gift amount
  • adjust messaging, calls to action, and/or marketing creative for different donor segments

This helpful RFM Matrix will help your organization begin to define the RFM segmentation that works for your marketing efforts. Fill out the form to the right to download this resource to start optimizing your marketing communications and increasing ROI.