Six traits of high value donors

6 Traits of High-Value Donors

Learn How to Identify Potential High-Value Donors

High-value donors that give at levels of 10x or more compared to your average donor are critical to a nonprofit’s ability to grow. Not only do they provide a solid foundation to support critical programs, but the can help provide the resources necessary to acquire additional supporters or even expand your influence.

So who are the high-value donors in your CRM? It’s not always immediately apparent and you might not have a complete picture of a donor’s capacity to support your cause.

Why You Should Watch

In this webinar we’ll share the 6 markers of philanthropy that will help you identify your highest value donors and actively seek them out to build better relationships.

DonorSearch has distilled these 6 characteristics backed by data gathered from a study of:

  • $5 billion in giving
  • 400 organizations
  • 2 million individuals