Donor Listening Strategies for Responsive Fundraising

Listening Strategies to Turn Website Behavior Into New Donors

Tactics for how to use donor signals to personalize your donor engagements.

93% of communication between people is nonverbal. The signals we send with our facial expressions, body language and more all signal the information we care about and what we are deeply interested in. 

In a hyper-connected world where most of your donor communications happen online, it’s important to find new ways to pay attention to donor signals in order to create relevant content that will drive generosity. 

We partnered with FiveQ for a webinar on better listening strategies that can drive more generosity. Use your data, donor signals and more to be a more responsive, connected fundraiser. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to Listen to Potential Donors Before They Connect
  • What People Expect When They Provide Data
  • Why Follow Up Is Important to Listening
  • How to Make Better Communication a Habit at Your Organization

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