How to Use Your Website to Inspire Your Email Campaigns

In this webinar you will learn how to create engaging web content based on your defined user groups. We’ll then explore the creation of a strong brand voice through this content before transitioning to emails. You will learn how to use your website’s content and nonprofit brand to design coherent and effective campaigns. You’ll also walk away with a clear understanding of what the donor’s journey is and how you can use it to optimize your donation potential.

  • Defining your user groups
  • Creating engaging content for the web
  • Developing a strong brand voice via content
  • Ensuring coherency between email campaigns and your website
  • The importance of using the donor’s journey to inform content choices in email campaigns

We’ll discuss how your website acts as the foundation for all your other digital marketing efforts. We’ll be looking at your website’s user groups, how they affect your content, and how to apply that knowledge into email marketing efforts, too!

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