30 Days Left: Fundraising & Segmentation Strategies To Maximize Giving Tuesday & Year-End

Over 30% of annual charitable giving occurs in December. This concentration of giving is fueled by #GivingTuesday, holiday giving, and end of year tax-deductible donations — creating a huge fundraising opportunity for nonprofits. 

But here’s the thing, your donors are not only receiving your appeals and messages. Their inboxes, mailboxes, and social feeds will be flooded by brand messages and holiday sales, as well as an average of 10-15 other worthy nonprofits’ stories and asks. The competition for attention during these 30 days is fierce. 

So, we’re teaming up with Classy, the leading online fundraising platform, to discuss this challenge and share practical strategies on how you can stand above the noise and maximize #GivingTuesday and the year-end season to rally donors and grow giving. 

You’ll learn:

  • GivingTuesday and year-end campaign essentials and best practices. 
  • 4 segmentation approaches that help you personalize messaging and improve response rates.
  • Responsive fundraising strategies for deeper donor cultivation that lead to lasting relationships.
  • How other nonprofits have implemented these strategies and real campaign examples.

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