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Nonprofit Marketing Automation

Do you want to create meaningful relationships with your donors?. Even first-time and mid-level donors?

The rise of technology-driven personalization has conditioned donors to expect personal experiences in their daily lives. Our new personalized world is impacting philanthropy requiring nonprofits to personalize interactions with donors for fundraising success.

Innovative nonprofits are utilizing data and marketing automation to meet the expectations of donors and personalize communication with each and every donor in their database by automating email drip series, follow-up tasks for their teams, and even marketing segmentation based on each donor’s unique behaviors or preferences.

Why You Should Watch

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How technology driven personalization has changed the way we experience the world
  • How personalization impacts philanthropy and donor expectations
  • How you can use technology to bridge the chasm
  • Practical examples of personalization at scale

Duration: 1 hour